23 thoughts on “Fall Out Boy – The Last Of The Real Ones (LYRICS)

  1. random for life schreef:

    omg im soooooo addicted!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Zack Sauer schreef:

    3rd comment cause why not

  3. I can listen to this forever and it won't get stuck in my head, yet its so catchy.

  4. This have only one day out and i can't stop listening it

  5. natalie lewter schreef:

    This song reminds me if Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

  6. - Didi schreef:

    Let's talk about how perfect this song is

  7. OtterDraws schreef:

    is it just me or can I hear every word in this song? like Patrick pronounces them more prominently than in other songs? Idk might just be some sleep deprived brain talk

  8. h3h3 is fake schreef:

    can't wait to hear this live on oct 22 <3

  9. This song describes me and my boyfriend

  10. This is amazing. My favorite song from their new album so far.

  11. Rosemary Hosie schreef:

    this is one of those songs that invigorates your soul. so vibrant and honest.

  12. Healerr schreef:

    I got this on loop, except I'm not a real one XD Got a great facade, ya know.

  13. This reminds me of some of their older stuff, I really like it. It's one of those songs where you hear it and you want to run through the city at night or backflip off a building or something. It just gets you hyped af

  14. Soldier184 schreef:

    If this doesn't get put in radios, I'm gonna rage.

  15. slade rivas schreef:

    Noteacation squad where you at Good or Bad 1like=better songs like this

  16. jonathan kemline schreef:

    The song that describes the Olicity ship in Arrow.

  17. The piano part sounds so familiar…Is the piano part a cover of a Zelda tune?!?

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