‘Finish the Lyric’ with Ellen, James Corden & Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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Ellen and the Grammy Awards host went head to head in this musical game, with the “Modern Family” star as first-time host.




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  1. I just love the fact that both of them sang "What do you mean" instantly, like we all now they are bieber lovers, it makes me so proud!!! cause Im a belieber and I know that both are justins best friends and adore him and mind it justin biebers song was the only one which both of them sung perfectly . Ellen couldnt sing taylors song cause she is not a taylor fan and dosent like her music much and so she can even name any of the bitchy snakes song .Remember when ellen was playing 5 sec rule game and she was asked what you cannot do then she said naming all taylor swift song cause the are not that good and amazing but ellen knows a lot of justins song cause the are likeble and much better than the mean selfish bitch ,. Taylor is just too overrated and you better get that.

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