21 thoughts on “[FIXED] Mic Drop – BTS Lyrics [Han,Rom,Eng] {MEMBER CODED}

  1. Denise J schreef:

    Jungkook: Finally~! … One with all of the members in it~!

  2. Does anyone else hear 'Fuck it up' before namjoon says mic drop? Or am I just imagining stuff as usual

  3. EunTaeKook schreef:

    Thank you for this more detailed color coded lyrics with the vocal lines in it. I knew I heard the vocal lines in the chorus especially Taehyung's and Jungkook's voices. The other ones posted don't have the vocal lines in it I thought I was the only one who heard 'em

  4. mar msh schreef:

    suga's mom will probably listening to mic drop a lot compare to DNA and bragging to her friends

  5. Eduarda Snow schreef:

    Finally, a video that have ALL the lines right! ( I think) Good job!

  6. Sera Sabran schreef:

    fav song from the album honestly. i just like this old hip hop bangtan style

  7. ChristieLeung schreef:

    omg suga be spitting fire, literal translation being, son is too successful im sorry mom. SUGA WTF LOL 1:01

  8. Did you see my wig? Did you see my wig?

  9. am i the only one hears jungkook's "cut,cut" during jhope's part?? it sounds cute … xD
    and i really love this song so much it has hiphop style and VOCAL LINES just rapped is so amazing!! i'm gonna cry a river now,. they all slaayyy in all their tracks!! more power BTS!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT WORK, we enjoyed listening to it 🙂

  10. The lyrics this so is so cool,,,,
    Vocal line
    Rap line
    Slayed this song. ..

  11. bts ruins life schreef:

    "I'm sorry your son is too successful" I think that's a diss to his (suga) parents because they didn't support him and his ambitions thinking he will not be successful.

  12. songsby minsuga schreef:

    I just heard that i do it i do it as adoii adoiii

  13. HopeMin Is REAL schreef:

    Really impressed about Jin. He sings really fast to fit the flow and the beat. Really impressed. Nice oppa ???

  14. C.D. ai-0139 schreef:

    oh boy, why am i getting post-apocalyptic MV vibes in this song???? like if you were to clump Sand Planet by Hachi ft. Hatsune Miku, Ni:Er (there's a specific capitalization in this and i killed it) Automata, the modern world in sheer ruin and being overriden by nature like in the Last of Us game and the general vibes of the Tales of the Borderlands game and action-packed Studio Trigger anime shows, you'd get Mic Drop's MV.

    oh boi, here comes That One Concept I'll Keep In My Head Everytime I Listen To This Song™. oh nooooo,,,,,

  15. LBvkookBTS schreef:

    the lyrics r so lit !!

  16. Stabh It schreef:

    The "ah, there's too many trophies in my hands it's too heavy" line sounds more Hobi than Kookie….for me

  17. Taekgukk schreef:

    Tae gon be rapping to this during the fan meet

  18. Young Forever schreef:

    Damn ?❤️️they be flexing on us

  19. Nicole Nog schreef:

    Al fin alguien hace bien el color coded

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