Flora Cash – You’re Somebody Else (Lyrics)

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41 thoughts on “Flora Cash – You’re Somebody Else (Lyrics)

  1. That part near the end of the song that sounds kinda weird reminded me of when you play a video backwards on snapchat so I tried it out and you can actually hear him saying beating heart in it. <3

  2. Gena A. schreef:

    I ? flora cash ,this song just speaks to my soul

  3. Ashley Stewart schreef:

    who came here from the post on insta?

  4. I came from an instagram video where two old men catfished each other pretending to be a boy and a girl ._.

  5. debee_flipz schreef:

    did anyone come from the weird pedophile video on instagram

  6. Jonathan Mero schreef:

    Esta canción va para mi último capítulo de mi historia en wattpad. :'v

  7. Lorena Ertl schreef:

    Why is this song so beautiful ?❤

  8. Hailey Little schreef:

    I recently lost my aunt and this song reminds me so much of her and I keep listening to this song over and over?

  9. Crafts and Hacks schreef:

    Who came from an instagram video of two guys pretending to be kids and are pedophiles

  10. Diana Zaragoa schreef:

    This song is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Xavier Watts schreef:

    So we're gonna sit here and act like we didn't hear that part in reverse

  12. this hurts… so bad. … :')
    what a beautiful song. so melancholic and deep..

  13. The Vanilla Show schreef:

    Came here because of the two old men haha I love the song ❤️?

  14. Lauren Carvey schreef:

    The part of the song that's backwards could symbolize the fact that we're hearing the same words, only rearranged, which fits the message of the song perfectly.

  15. LIN YII schreef:

    song for the soul❤

  16. Pasita 08 schreef:

    I imagine this song like someone realizing her crush is acting different around her (like if the crush getting infatuated on that person) and so she gets nervous because she isn't used to this behavior and doesn't know how to react towards him 🙂

  17. KannibalGamer schreef:

    I come from the same pedophile video most of the people are talking about in here, but from facebook.

  18. Marqes Smith schreef:

    I love this song so much it shows how I feel right now with someone they don't understand that it's ok to be yourself or I don't know they may not love me anymore but tomorrow I'm gonna try to fix things even if it's not the answer I need

  19. Qayyum 2.0 schreef:

    When puberty hits your friend and you be like….

  20. Ida Rolseth schreef:

    I love this song! haha found it bc of that instagram video yes

  21. Angelica Avalos schreef:

    What kind of music is this?
    How do you call it?

  22. Emily Moyer schreef:

    In case anyone was wondering what the backwards part says, it's just repeats of the lyric found previously in the song: "you were the better part of every bit of beating heart that I had."

  23. Ari Wolf schreef:

    This song will forever be the pedophile song to me.

  24. Icame here because of the video on fb whahaha

  25. Does anyone notice. The weird lyrics like it begans backtrack? Or it just me? ??

  26. Exo Aviator schreef:

    This song I kinda like my gf we met online but I'm not a 38 years old man

  27. n. dy schreef:

    make this song famous haha <3

  28. Suburban Vegan schreef:

    lol I came from the creepy insta catfish video

  29. Hana schreef:

    Y'all should watch palo alto

  30. gamesboy schreef:

    This song doing me sad! Really! Thats like i have broken heart. Best song i ever known

  31. Anny Roses schreef:

    Movistar me trajo aquí :v

  32. Lia Morales schreef:

    Gracias a la campaña de Movistar, por mostrarme esta cancion

  33. Oh Rociooo schreef:

    Came form that two predators catfished each other

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