36 thoughts on “Gasolina lyrics

  1. tilly schreef:

    I am screaming hips dont lie – shakira is on "up next" fFFF

  2. I knew this song before Dirty Laundry, so when I read it I was like "Ayyyyy!"

  3. ace tenorio schreef:

    the only actual mvps are before dirty laundry

  4. putaindelee schreef:

    just ur average non-klance shipper, here to listen to a lovely song about a girl who loves cum on her face.

  5. Sarah Firebaugh schreef:

    who is here on a class assignment?

  6. The Godfather schreef:

    anyone watching in 2017?

  7. Aqueelah Harris schreef:

    My friend started singing this on my bus and a was sitting there dancing!!????

  8. AWRAM BIAOHS schreef:

    Monsatx brought me here!??

  9. Loanne Givaudan schreef:

    j'aime trop ça me donne envie de twerker

  10. Lance McLame schreef:

    I live here now
    With my people
    I don't care if I've already been here

    I'm trying to summon Lance… BBY WHERE ARE YOOOUUUU?

  12. Sariah Larsen schreef:

    So, everyone is here from Dirty Laundry? …Cuz same.

  13. sokawaii800 schreef:

    Voltron has officially claimed this song Lmao

  14. yuliana vasquuez schreef:

    Fact: this song is about a girl who likes cum on her face

  15. the random ones schreef:

    So many klancers over here I love it

  16. Louise Belcher schreef:

    What the hell is Dirty Laundry

  17. Treneicia Wilson schreef:

    I'm not even Spanish but this song fye

  18. Electricity faz schreef:

    Omfg my friend Landon would love this.

  19. jaquan reynolds schreef:

    me neither thought it was about a car

  20. Ivy Ramirez schreef:

    when you find out this song is about a girl liking cum on her face

  21. i love the voltron fandom for showing me this song

  22. Miesha Brown schreef:

    Me gusta daddy Yankee ,si papi

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