GFRIEND (여자친구) – RAINBOW Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

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By – Hamtaro Gasa

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Gfriend Rainbow

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Gfriend Summer Rain Lyrics






38 thoughts on “GFRIEND (여자친구) – RAINBOW Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

  1. Hamtaro Gasa schreef:

    Thanks for watching my videos and don't forget to subscribe my channel and hit the 'bell''ll be the first person to watch my upcoming video <3

  2. The Hyper schreef:


  3. lame buddy schreef:

    Omg this song!!! This deserves an MV ???❤️❤️????

  4. Andrea C. schreef:

    I don't understand why people keep saying this should've replaced Summer Rain. I love Summer Rain. If you said it should've replaced Love Whisper I would've agreed lol

  5. 김재우 schreef:

    무대에서도 듣고싶은 명곡이다..

  6. Doris Yeung schreef:

    ??the new style of gfriend ??

  7. Doris Yeung schreef:

    I want this style of song be the next comeback of gfriend ???

  8. Rei schreef:

    I love it more than their title song huhuhu soumu why??

  9. 이혜지 schreef:

    여름비보다 이게 훨 낫네. 이거로 리패키지 활동하지 왜 여름비로 하냐

  10. no way really schreef:

    Sowon's parts are the best in this song

  11. 이 채민 schreef:

    guitars are back
    queens invented hard rock indeed

  12. Hershey Madrid schreef:

    Why Summer Rain? Why not Rainbow? I like this more than Summer Rain, but i still support it❤️❤️❤️ Queens?

  13. 이거 타이틀곡 했어도..대박 났을듯.,

  14. mint suga schreef:

    I wish this was the title track.
    I love Summer Rain but this is a really unique sound from Gfriend

  15. Hoseok My love schreef:

    NO MAMES, ESTA CANCIÓN DEBIO SER LA PROMOCIONAL. ES HERMOSA, también Summer Rain pero considero que con esta les hubiera ido mejor, atraerian más fans así como con Fingertip

  16. yzhelle nabor schreef:

    shitt this is awesome i really like it they slay it again best song ever

  17. Jieun Lee schreef:


  18. Jieun Lee schreef:

    은하언니 목소리 넘좋아

  19. Jieun Lee schreef:

    유주언니,신비언니,소원언니,엄지언니두 목소리좋다. 그리고 여름비도좋고 Rainbow 도 좋다

  20. Johanna Catay schreef:

    this deserve an actual mv!

  21. Miles Gutierrez schreef:

    Yay sowon sing next to eunha??

  22. Guire F schreef:

    IDK why, but this music remember me star guardians and mahou shoujo in general 😛

  23. Ran Ran schreef:

    I am hoping this song will be the opening song for their first concert. Just by imagining that makes me goosebumps <3

  24. 코랄 schreef:


  25. Rinaldi Alim schreef:

    if they held a concert, many people will go there just for watching GFriend performance this song ?

  26. it really does sound like an opening for an anime omfl this is so cool ✨

  27. Blink schreef:

    This kinda sounds like an anime OP! wow~

  28. Cherry Knock schreef:

    Loving the way Yuju pronounce colors. ???

  29. Din PD schreef:

    "Shine buyeojwo" Sowon's part is so cool, her voice?

  30. fnl aldpfm schreef:

    하도좋다길래 들어보고잇는데. 사장이 정신감정 받아야되는거아님? 이런곡을 수록곡 그것도 리팩수록곡으로 날리나.. 황당하다. 걸그룹평생띵곡 한두곡받기도 힘든건데..

  31. Himei TV schreef:


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