Give – Touching Story of Selfless Love and Legacy

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“Being rich is not about how much we have, but how much we give.” This is a touching story of a father’s selfless love and the legacy he left behind for his son. Here’s a short film by about a son who had to confront not just embarrassment but also resentment towards his father.

Community Chest, Singapore commissioned this short film on giving, which encapsulates the generous spirit of its partners.

Copyright: Community Chest, Singapore
Produced by: The Creative Room
Creative Director: Daniel Yam
Special Thanks: Residents and Staff of AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens for appearing in the film and allowing the filming on location.



28 thoughts on “Give – Touching Story of Selfless Love and Legacy

  1. Oliver Bardaje schreef:

    This is so awesome! 🙂

  2. Lukas Petera schreef:

    Does anyone know, why most type of these videos comes from Thailand (or similar countries) production? Is there some relation with asian culture? Thank you for anshewer…btw I can not hold back my tears

  3. ToonTown063 schreef:

    I have to remember not to cut onions while watching these videos..

  4. God Of Bleach schreef:

    I'm crying so much right now. this moved me so much.

  5. hptwin2008 schreef:

    I needed to watch this today!

  6. Rhiza Jhane schreef:

    This is the part of youtube i usually go when i want to make myself cry. ??? Damn! I was crying a river but it feels good. Vids like this deserves million and millions of views. Very inspiring! ❤️

  7. Kajal Chatterjee schreef:

    don't have words to describe……………my feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jordan S schreef:

    I don't know why I keep torturing myself by watching these videos

  9. Th Random Pug schreef:

    thats odd, i dont see any onions…but like, what

  10. T W schreef:

    This made me cry

  11. Shivam Gupta schreef:

    That who knows the very fundamental of living "to give and selfless love" is the true rich man, he is the bill gates of heart.

  12. michaeltronic schreef:

    This is just, just, so fkkn sad. I'm all fkkg soggy. Awe fkk. Even though mine took off when was 6 months old, this video fkkd me up. Never take for granted the love of your dad, NEVER.

  13. havingfun1968 schreef:

    What a GREART father, and what a GREAT message!!!

  14. HyperHassan schreef:

    Could someone please explain this. I don't understand it. Thankyou.

  15. Ammar Iqbal schreef:

    Best best video i have ever seen

  16. BS Murthy schreef:

    May also hear "Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of Self-help" in rhythmic verses sans inane interpolations and theological spins

  17. JAMESBOND R schreef:

    This video changed me today.Im from India and want to keep others smile .Real Happiness is something when you get if u keep others happy.Thank u a lot for this video.

  18. So… theres a competition in my school. To make a short movie. and my friend literally copying this movie script, story, and everything. Then he become the 1st winner! I still cant believe it. And me who make my own script. story, and everything become the 2nd winner! This world is really messed up True Story

  19. aquitaineq schreef:

    I love this, but why didn't he just tell his son what he did and why and he probably wouldn't have resented him at all, maybe even joined him in volunteering.

  20. Ivan Haliman schreef:

    Pennywise origin story

  21. Xtreme Gaming schreef:

    I m cried thnx for uploading this video very very thank you

  22. Prod. by JJ Brem schreef:

    Best super hero origin ever

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