God’s Love Poured Out // The Wild Goose – Segment #1

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DOWNLOAD STUDY GUIDE HERE–http://thewildgooseisloose.com/gods-love-poured-out

“God is Love” – 1 John 4:8
This simple statement is the beginning and the ending of our pilgrimage of Faith. God is Love and the Lord’s Love is perfect, passionate and unconditional. There is nothing that we can do that would cause God to love us more and nothing we can do that would cause him to love us less. We are able to come to experience the beauty and freedom of God’s Love by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God reveals the Love of the Father that changes us. When we experience God’s Love we come to understand in a powerful way that we are in fact “lovable.” God’s Love reveals our beauty and goodness before him.


Download Segment HERE: https://vimeo.com/147799937 A 4PM Media Production



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  1. Hi Father…. Just wanted to thank you for this awesome message "God's Love Poured Out" Segment #1… as we are already one week into Lent, I just felt that I hadn't satisfied my heart in my first week of Lent. I wanted this year for Lent to be so real in my heart and that I could show God how much I loved him, but just changing a few things for lent. Your message to me was so strong Father and I thank you for that. The gift that our Lord has given you to share with all of us about him, is so profound. Thank you… I look forward to continuing my Lenten journey with the Lord in these YouTube segments. Praise God for you Father and for your daily intentions and that he continues to bless you each and every day..

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