Grace Davies – Peak (Lyrics)

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Grace davies peak lyrics



16 thoughts on “Grace Davies – Peak (Lyrics)

  1. Nathaniel Hunkup schreef:

    She is one talented young lady…

  2. arsenalmanic schreef:

    It's too slow! That is the major issue!

  3. Michael Howell schreef:

    Be yourself, not Amy and you well do fantastic.

  4. muzakluvr schreef:

    I am so happy that you are sharing your music with the world. I love your voice, the way you word your songs and the feelings it stirs within me when I listen to your words, it feels like your describing happenings in my own life. So excited to see how far you go…

  5. Marja schreef:

    WOW, i am impressed, what a great artist!

  6. absoftitanium schreef:

    She has a career. She has talent and style. She should always do her own stuff.

  7. Celymar Hidalgo schreef:

    I really love ur songs when i first hear ur song "root" on x factor..i think we have a nxt superstar to watch for,u have a great voice with a heart..hope to see and hear more songs from u,im a one of ur millions of fan here in the philippines..

  8. Angie Potts schreef:

    these lyrics i know <3

  9. Trevor Lawrence schreef:

    Amazing Grace …… so from the heart ….love it x

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