36 thoughts on “Grace VanderWaal – So Much More Than This (LYRICS)

  1. Kaya Hills schreef:

    i love!!! her!!!! so!!! much!!!

  2. Jhe Sim schreef:

    she's really amazing lil gal

  3. Music Lyrics schreef:

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  4. interstategar schreef:

    Another hit song! They just keep coming. Is the word genius accurate here?

  5. New favorite song right here?

  6. smile schreef:

    shawn sent me. i'm not disappointed

  7. SunsetWanderer schreef:

    I thought she said sh** instead of sit

  8. Faith heine schreef:

    It's listen in not listening

  9. I swear I can hear meowing in this

  10. Carmona Ida schreef:

    so encouraging! So much more than this, Yes!

  11. I'M HAWT schreef:

    Grace inspired me to write songs …..I LOVE HER SO MUCH

  12. Misia Jk schreef:

    I played this song more than 20 times and now I know the whole song, #DEDICATED.

  13. saahel taghavi schreef:

    I love you grace (mini Taylor Swift

  14. Sherly frysa schreef:

    It sound soo similar, or just catchy

  15. Sparkly Kalia schreef:

    This is now my fav song!!! ?????
    Wow,whoever liked this,thx!! 😀

  16. unkonw unknow schreef:

    hear we go again,does this girl ever sleep,nother hit

  17. Linda Padilla schreef:

    "the whole crowd seems to like me now, cause they think that im cool, but back when i was in school, they found it very easy to hate me" these are some deep words which is true for alot of people including me :(( im so proud of Grace for getting this far. I just want to say that ive been here since that first audition and she has inspired me alot and i just want to thank her. And once again congratulate her for getting this far.

  18. Isa Bel schreef:

    Grace's songs are always so relatable!!

  19. Olivia Wilkinson schreef:

    0:35 ok ill close my phone smashes phone so that it closes there we go!

  20. DarkenDivine schreef:

    Who else thought it was "shit right here…" ?

  21. It's amazing – all your songs are so meaningful an have a good beat to them

  22. I always look at the lyrics because I need to learn the soo?????

  23. Katie Ukulele schreef:

    I LOVE this song! If anyone knows the chords to this song, please let me know, because I'm trying to learn to play it on my uke 🙂

  24. Bob THESNAIL schreef:

    Guys what to do???

    Grace – "Close your phone"
    Ok I'm good now 🙂

  25. 2:13 Love her voice cracks, I am so proud of her. I am waiting until she comes to Arizona. she is the best! I absolutely love you Grace. I know you aren't going to see this but just saying, you are a GIFT 😀

  26. Yilian Romero schreef:

    Grace is running the show 2017????????

  27. Kenani Koreski schreef:

    We don't realize in this society
    Doesn't matter how your hair looks
    or what they are thinking…..

    That's what it actually says. You should fix your mistake

  28. Matyos Joseph schreef:

    She still is in school why does she say "back when I was in school"

  29. Matyos Joseph schreef:

    I love all your songs Grace keep up the hard work you're amazing

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