Green Day – American Idiot [Full Album w/ Lyrics To All Songs]

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Reuploaded :/ but hopefully this time it’s here to stay. Now in HD too.

01 American Idiot 0:00
02 Jesus Of Suburbia 2:58
03 Holiday 12:02
04 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 15:55
05 Are We The Waiting 20:16
06 St. Jimmy 22:59
07 Give Me Novacaine 25:54
08 She’s A Rebel 29:20
09 Extraordinary Girl 31:20
10 Letterbomb 34:55
11 Wake Me Up When September Ends 39:00
12 Homecoming 43:46
13 Whatsername 53:04
thanks fynnland44 for the timestamps (:




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  1. green day blows the greatest rock bands out da box! hendrix, clapton,stones, the who, zeppelin have been all blown off the pedastills!! i saw American Idiot on Broadway,NYC with my 20yr old daughter all i can say is GENEOUS.. no generation gap betw gen-x & milleniums. saw them last march & willbe seeing them in CT with my daughter in two weeks. Thank you to billy joe & his band of merry men. greenday makes it a great time to be alive. peace & love

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