Green Day – Bang Bang (Official Lyric Video)

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“Bang Bang’ by Green Day from the NEW Album ‘Revolution Radio.’ Get it at

Directed By: BlinkMyBrain



49 thoughts on “Green Day – Bang Bang (Official Lyric Video)

  1. Justin Covers schreef:

    am i the only kid who is allowed to listen to green day i mean my parents arent terrible but they just let me listen because they know what is real is?

  2. *MemeReference* schreef:

    Their best song in a while, nice to see Green Day can still make good punk rock

  3. freshtendrills schreef:

    WoW. Billy Joe is so hardcore. Must be tough as a fucking 45 yr old MILLIONAIRE to stand up and say popular things that are rubber stamped by fucking CNN. That's totally punk duude!! How about this. Billy Joe Armstrong is a shit musician that has to look down at his guitar during shit solo's my guitar students can play, and hasn't written a decent piece of music in 15 fucking years. He stands up on stage busting his fat ass out of his skinny jeans, makeup running, screaming about NAZI's and BIGOTS, when he lives in a world full of pretentious assholes who wouldn't piss on any of you if the shit ever indeed "hit the fan". But I guess he can play you some awesome tunes from his bunker whilst the fucking world burns around you. Ass clowns!! How about formulating your own opinions of whats right and wrong in this world, instead of allowing some old ass fame whore globalist douche bag with a guitar tell you what to think. Billy Joe is squarely on the side of censoring assholes the world over. That's far from "punk".

  4. Kylie Williams schreef:

    way is it called bang bang u do not say bang bang

  5. THE ACE FAMILY schreef:

    This Is Rock And Roll For What I'm Thinking Don't Like Rock And Roll It Scares Me To Be Honest

  6. Hunter m schreef:

    I'm so glad I got to see them live it was amazing once in a lifetime experience truly amazing

  7. Sowmya Ramaswamy schreef:

    Love green day they didn't change and become techno or whAtever. Pure rock . They're still the same sound but somehow they will always be awsome

  8. GAMER BOI schreef:

    people are retards when they say green day is punk like dookie to revolution radio

  9. Ash Hughes schreef:

    I tried to search this song on YouTube, and that Ariana Grande song popped up for the first 7 videos. Wow. What has this world come too

  10. Does it sound like territorial pissings?

  11. Hybrid Mutant schreef:

    Nice Nirvana cover how original.

  12. Poly Carrizo schreef:

    Me gusta más este videoclip que el oficial ❤

  13. Green Day, one of the few bands that still kicks ass like it's 1994.

  14. 1:03 i spit out my drink because it said semi automatic
    clique members you know what i mean

  15. Eleanor Wright schreef:

    2:26 Music a very powerful weapon!

  16. Dusk 鷹 schreef:

    Intro sounds like St. Jimmy's.

  17. miss believer schreef:

    "I am a semi-automatic"
    Vessel vibes

    sorry not sorry

  18. Madhav Ojha schreef:

    tre has the american idiot heart on his drums

  19. Smyth Lee schreef:

    When I was an aliennnnn~~~~~~

  20. Frances Nunez schreef:

    I'm so stoked for the concert tomorrow!!!

  21. Leslie Andrea schreef:

    the second 00:19 looks like a rinnegan

  22. DookieBoss 143 schreef:

    Still Green day is OK I Mean not ok It's doing AWESOME??????

  23. JHarold schreef:

    I love this band. Been a fan since the beginning! The best thing about them is they stay true to their roots. The didn't soften up over the years like most punk or metal bands do. This song sounds like it could have been on Dookie or Nimrod.

  24. BerpyDerpy schreef:

    No trump no kkk no facist usa!

  25. Rosie Rosie schreef:

    This was released on my birthday… blessed.

  26. Dominic Bennett schreef:

    Last night I went to see em

  27. Tanya Bennett schreef:

    click read more

    read more

  28. Tanya Bennett schreef:

    click read more

    read more

  29. Neal Zetek schreef:

    whennnnn I wasssss an aliennn

  30. I'm Beyonce jk schreef:

    GETTING YOUR MERCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤???????????????

  31. Alyssa Farris schreef:

    Omg this song was published on YouTube a day after my birthday

  32. Carlos Onofri schreef:

    Wow Tre col Really good solo

  33. Icecube Games schreef:

    This sounds like it was from the 90's but was actually released last year XD

  34. Avvo schreef:

    Man I wanna suck Billie Joe's ding dong

  35. Sarah Walter schreef:

    im in love with this new art style i wish all their videos would be like this

  36. Tricko schreef:

    This sounds too much like Territorial Pissings ?

  37. Andrea Jensen schreef:

    This song is a great one. Only complaint is, well 0:20 sounds WAY too much like Nirvana's Territorial Pissings

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