Green Day – Troubled Times (Official Lyric Video)

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Official Lyric Video for “Troubled Times” from the new album ‘Revolution Radio.’

Get it at http://smarturl.it/GDTT


Direction / Script / Design / Art / Animation/ FX: Manu Viqueira



Original Typography / Design / Art: David Rodriguez Simón




Comments 35

  1. Life in MARVELOUS TIMES! Dont get it twisted, songs like this make me happy Greenday speaks for those empathetic n open minded folks that regardless of your "political" views, who are spiritually rattled by the displacement of so many arab people and execution of journalists and activists in authoritarian states. Even in a "first" world nation, black American woman are harassed and killed by officers no news coverage granted. Natural disasters are sobering, faimine, and illness life unraveling as it may. But an INJUSTICE to ONE is an INJUSTICE to EVERYONE, never tolerate bullying or violence, be modest with the entertainment you digest on an hr to hr basis, and go outside and lay on the grass look at the sky and remember how small you are and how much you are capable of accomplishing. We could create a more EQUITABLE (cause were not all equal n need to check our own priviledge daily) and SAFE community for our future child, cousin, neice, etc to live in but we need to be those revolutionary individuals!; FUCK MAINSTREAM MUSIC lets worship (vibe, sing, "agree with") music on the radio you would feel comfortable having your children observing! You could go as far as to share your thoughts on that phenomenon on social media, bring awareness to the issue or its relevance, communicate and associate with like minded people (which are probably gonna be goal oriented and solution oriented ppl), maybe participate in a demonstration that demands YOUR county incorporate a family friendly radio station which could even lead to a state bill being introduced if it garnishes the right attention) point being it has to begin with getting raw with our self and remembering that child in us that likes to play and ask questions and respect boundaries…. We are all so unique you could imagine, what are your strong attributes, who or what inspirea you, Nd how could you use youe creative abilities to inspire hope and happiness by preserving your inner child, and sharing "ENTER DiETY HERE" Love and keeping it light, like my daddy says Life is too Short for bullshit, especially Regrets! So live your life for those who will surpass us, and gain wisdom from those who came before you

  2. I like Trump and I also like the video/the song.
    If you think of it, no matter what President would US have, it would still feature in this video.
    Anyway, better than Hillary. (Even tho' I am not from the US, I would not like US, the world's most powerful country, to be an arabic colony/caliphate. Shit is already happening to EU. It is one thing to love and respect each other and be tolerant in the context of the whole planet, but it is another thing to forcely mix races and cultures that are different, that can't stand together and demand different things and with members that have different sets of laws and behaviors and morals; you don't force me to stay in the same house or room with someone, being it even my own brother, that has totally opposite opinions and behaviors and that I probably do not like or detest and expect this situation to end well.)

    Also, we, the people, the folks, will never have the power, the decision or the direction, it is utmost a illusion of it/them.

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