Guys like Potter – lyrics (on screen)

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Guys like Potter – Lucius Malfoy & Snape
from A Very Potter Sequel!
lyrics on screen
all rights go to Starkid
and some people from the drawings… (probably not Hermione)
‘cause they’re totally awesome!




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  1. I really wish that when Lucius starts singing with Severus that he messes up and he goes 'There will always be guys like Dobby'!! Because everyone would so confused and continue to watch on and go and finally get it! Then everyone would a vendetta against Dobby and James!!!

  2. love this song, it's such a beautiful tune to it and then the lyrics are so "nice guys finish last" ? it's like the ultimate fuckboi song. (which, in the end, is exactly what Snape was/is)

  3. I love Starkid!
    Thats so funny but from one moment to the other you have taers in your eyes. Its when Draco writes a letter to is daddy, when Sirius and Harry sing "Those Voices", when Snape and Lucius sing "Guys like Potter", at the end of AVPSY when Harry is in Godrics Hollow…

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