31 thoughts on “H2OVanoss – Monster by Lady Gaga (Male version) + Lyrics

  1. Joaniiy schreef:

    See? This is what happens when I'm bored af

  2. #1 panda schreef:

    love it plz do more =3

  3. lexionie 264 schreef:

    I kinda think vanoss should be singing

  4. Clint Barton schreef:

    where did u get the pic

  5. oh my gosh! this is the picture i suggested ? its so cool!!!

  6. He

    A –


    Ate my heart out

    (You amaze me~)

  7. Lunar Moon schreef:

    this is amazing i love all of this. this is so true i can see this ship rising to the heavens thank you i love all of this

  8. Nova Silver schreef:

    Do you have a DeviantArt?

  9. C Y schreef:

    okay i dont ship it but i keep watching people ship them gosh damn there cute wtf is wroung with me :/

  10. MaskedSapphxire schreef:

    You made me blush at this. OMG. I love you. XD

  11. A+, great job this is perfect!
    here's a donut ?

  12. ShadowWolf schreef:

    I sang this at my talent show (without cuss words) and someone in the bleachers yelled H2OVANOSS and now I they are my best friend

  13. Warriorsrule1000 schreef:

    i am addicted to this and this ship, omg ❤

  14. Sandstorm325 schreef:

    You changed your name ?

  15. Debbie Clark schreef:

    you can do like if you no aphmau you can do like aamau or you no do more different youtubersso pls do that

  16. Wolf Girl schreef:

    I love your artwork!

  17. Joaniiy schreef:

    I should totally do another one. You guys are truly fricking awesome, it makes me so happy af. But I don't really have any inspiration so dunno when I will be making one. Again, thank you guys so much!

  18. Ay Dios Mio schreef:

    I'm kind of new to this H2OVanoss ship but wow, this is amazingly edited. Nice job!


  20. I don't ship it, but i love the video, nice job ?

  21. Veronica Bonilla schreef:

    i think the song got copyrighed cause i can't see the vid ;-;

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