36 thoughts on “Harry Styles – The Chain (Cover – Lyrics)

  1. Ava Underdahl schreef:

    harry youre doing great sweetie

  2. Justine Galvan schreef:

    holy shit thank you so much fpr posting this

  3. Lauren Styles schreef:

    Gosh I feel blessed. I heard Harry saying 'damn' 6 times in 4 minutes

  4. his voice is a gift to the world..Oh and that style damn!

  5. Cod x GamerGirl schreef:


  6. Kro Mons schreef:

    Thanks i need this cover for rest of my life

  7. Sofia Jaramillo schreef:

    I don't think so.. But harry is a fucking leyend… Bitch please I'm directioner

  8. Christian Lemma schreef:

    I don't think any human being can carry as much love as I do for Harry. Love is an understatement when it comes to my feeling for Harry.

  9. María Escudero schreef:

    This my favorite thing ever

  10. Carolina Soto schreef:

    His voice is so good for a country song

  11. i love the way he says "again"

  12. iamcarolina schreef:

    The king of making any song a masterpiece ?

  13. little girl schreef:

    and they say Harry Styles can't sing. bitch I can pay you for and ear test

  14. Well, he's certainly no Stevie Nicks. Still, not too shabby. Gotta give props to people keeping the classics alive. 810

  15. Deppy D schreef:

    This is my favorite song and he singed it really well❤

  16. Deppy D schreef:

    The way he says "damn"…. omg???

  17. justin Joaquin schreef:

    unique voice fr the philippines

  18. I looooove him I swear I do but this cover is not that good, Fleetwood Mac is just too perfect and he just..omg

  19. Jackie Campbell schreef:

    The vowel should be HQ
    love this song and Harry sings
    this cover song beautifully go Hazza love the drums sounds
    OMG.. ?❤??

    So talented.

  20. Skittly FTW schreef:


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