Hell by Sophia Kao (Lyrics video)

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Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/hk/album/hell/id1169488218?i=1169489023
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2o6wStOj1CW8oD2GLnc3bU

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sopthekacti/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sophiakkao/
Email: sophiakao9@gmail.com

Written By: Sophia Kao
Lead Vocal: Sophia Kao
Piano: Larry Martinez
Bass: Andrey Meshcheryakov
Drums: Toma Willen



21 thoughts on “Hell by Sophia Kao (Lyrics video)

  1. Ruby Mafarie schreef:

    From Cambodia love this song so much

  2. Tita Chea schreef:

    The song is so beautiful and deep. The lyrics video itself is also awesome. Shoutout to the artist behind this !! But seriously, how come this get disliked? -.-

  3. Ly Yanut schreef:

    such the best song ever❤️️❤️️ finally I can listen to it;it touches my heart, so deep?

  4. nathan Pl schreef:

    Great song. Love you, sis. ?

  5. vongthear bou schreef:

    Those who dislike this video deserve to be punched by Saitama xD

  6. yort laichheang schreef:

    beautiful sound and unique voice

  7. john 2001 schreef:

    Her voice is totally magical.
    I love this masterpiece and It deserves 1M views.

  8. orange orange schreef:

    I wonder if that 4 people who clicked the unlike bottom are getting jealous with her talent, coz this song is amazing?

  9. Angelina Moua schreef:

    Where's the instrumental ?! I need ?

  10. Galaxy Kanchana schreef:

    Omggg, I need instrumental ver

  11. Marcus channel schreef:

    OMG i Just realize i replay this song like 10 times <3 <3

  12. Thoeun Theuy schreef:

    Keep it up!!! I'm your fan

  13. Sovannreach Um schreef:

    This just touches my inner mind. Keep up good work to the next level. <3

  14. Emma Leader schreef:

    don't be blind sophia..your lyrics song is very very poor and bad.try agian.xx

  15. Sopheak Phy schreef:

    sounds heart-broken. Your voice fits really well to such a song.

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