Hollywood Undead – Nobody’s Watching [Lyrics Video]

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Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Nobody’s Watching
Album : Five
Label : Warner Music Group

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Comments 23

  1. 1. Bang Bang
    2. Ghost Beach
    3. Bad Moon
    4.Your Life
    5. California Dreaming
    6. Nobody’s Watching
    7. We Own the Night
    8. Renegade
    9. Broken Record
    10. Cashed out
    11. Riot
    12. Pray
    13. Whatever It Takes
    14. Black Cadillac

    Is my favorite to least from 1-14.

  2. I hope some1 on YouTube remixes this with linkin park… It's beautiful and does remind me of Chester.. Rip ? great vocals from Danny though and the rap from J-dog is on point ???

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