Home by Nickelback | Lyrics

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Nickelback’s new album, Feed The Machine was released (today) June 16, 2017, and I wanted to ensure lyric videos were accessible to everyone! Plus, making them for every song allowed me to learn them very quickly for release day!

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17 thoughts on “Home by Nickelback | Lyrics

  1. Jean Pettis schreef:

    wow I love this song I got tears

  2. Donald Strong schreef:

    Definitely the stand out track Great disc.

  3. Tim Pugh schreef:

    I love this song home it jams it a bad ass jam good job guys

  4. Tim Pugh schreef:

    come back to roanoke va guys

  5. nice videos of the whole album, ty <3

  6. M Opulski schreef:

    Definitely my favorite song next to song on fire

  7. Melanie schreef:

    Best song of the album !!!! Love it so much !

  8. stealthpanther schreef:

    Such a sad song, but a very good one at the same time

  9. lbkmclean schreef:

    I love this song, I love the whole album. Home is a song I can relate to.

  10. Monique Star schreef:

    You know those songs that sound like the base of a creepypasta? This is one

  11. Chronos Myth schreef:

    It's gonna be a sad day when nickelback retires. I don't need the force to tell that everyone will be acting like it is a mass funeral.

  12. hugo joncquel schreef:

    Love the song ! Can you also put the link of your outro please ?

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