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Give all the awards to Liza Weil, damn! The last minute plot twist omg!

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  1. I think Simon is the one who’s dead, and probably Asher has something to do with it, because he is jealous, because he suspects Michaela is cheating on him. I mean who knows with this shows, there are so many twists, I can’t keep up.

  2. I agree 100% about Nate. Right now he serves no purpose on the show, so they need to give him something to do or let him go. Also, I would love it if they brought Wes back. They could have faked his death;)

  3. I think asher killed Simon and Oliver and Michaela were there then Michaela ran off to the hospital. I love how there are three different mysteries going on. Annalise's apartment, The office and laurels baby. I so not intrigued with the baby mystery now that it might not be wes' i'm so angry ad Laurel right now, she's no longer my favorite keating 4. Michaela slays.

  4. My two bets are on Simon and/or Tegan. I still think that Laurel either got cut open at Annalise's apartment or she had a really messy, early childbirth and that's where the blood in the elevator comes from.

  5. I think the writers are trying to trick the viewers (like the flash forward reveal of Wes in S3, where we thought he was safe but his reveal was earlier in the day). So Asher is in jail for something else, not related to what happened at C&G. Maybe something that happened earlier in the day. So when the guy at C&G told Bonnie the suspect "is in jail," it is somebody else and not Asher.

  6. G this show f’s me up, I keep watching reactions and it gets better. Like why is the psychiatrist spooked and why is Asher in jail that’s all I want to knoooooo. Laurel needs to be gone by the end I’m over her x1000.

  7. Isn't anyone thinking about Bonnie's baby? She doesn't know what happened to him… I think it's clear he's alive and he should be in his early twenties or so… Like Wes, Laurel, etc. So what if it's one of them or probably Simon, since we don't know that much about his parents or his life? I just don't see them talking about a possible child of Bonnie's right now if they weren't going to actually use it as a part of the storyline. I think it's something too big to just let go.

  8. I was just sitting here, waiting for you to comment on the fact that CONNOR has not been confirmed as alive yet in the flash forward…

    But you never did. lol

  9. They totally ruined laurel's character shes so annoying now….I need flaurel to rise up….Im bored with all the wes's dramas and oliver is still acting like a piece of shit, connor's dad was right he isnt good for connor..

  10. I have this theory which I need u to comment on. So I think d baby isn't Frank's…Why? Cuz u remember d flash forward where she asks where "her" baby is and not where "our" baby is to Frank? Do u think like that's d clue?

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