how to write LYRICS: find a great first line. w/ L7

how to write LYRICS: find a great first line. w/ L7

“the world is a vampire”?! “i’m saving my piss in a jar”?!? yes! what makes a great opening line great? following robin frederick’s approach, we’ll analyze three fantastic opening lines by Smashing Pumpkins, L7 and Hole.

how to start a song? this is a how to write lyrics for alternative, rock and grunge songs.
develop your lyrics from the top down. the first line gives the setting, creates the atmosphere and tells your listeners what the song is about. these days they won’t wait for your great chorus. you’ve got only a few seconds to convince them.

but remember: this is a tip by Robin Frederick, so make sure you read her books, she’s the expert. ;) one of her approaches is “study the hits” and in this video, i’m studying songs that are ‘hits’ to me. especially Questioning My Sanity by L7 is a huge hit for me.
her book: Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting: 126 Proven Techniques for Writing Songs That Sell (i understand ‘sell’ as they are catchy, people love them and remember them easily and they follow a pretty simple structure)

song references in this video:
smashing pumpkins – bullet with butterfly wings
L7 – questioning my sanity
hole – violet

all easy vinyldyke songwriting tips (grunge guitar and metal):

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