35 thoughts on “Hozier – Take Me To Church Lyric Video

  1. ali şeker schreef:

    ne güzel amen diyor işte alın kiliseye

  2. I used to say ''Hey man'' instead of Amen.

  3. Dave Dro schreef:

    Im atheist but damn this song is good

  4. Elizabeth Grooms schreef:

    lizzygkicksass- this song is lit

  5. Breton Etheredge schreef:

    Any one else here because of Jack from AH

  6. at 2:30 the lyrics he says " offer me MY deathless death" not offer me THAT deathless death.

  7. Alfarabi Nazriza schreef:

    i'm too late for know this song, this is so good song. I'm go crazy because of it!!!!

  8. Archehead schreef:

    here from the sing off connor maynard lol

  9. Dimas Dipo schreef:

    de best songgg ever dudee!

  10. Gabby Lluis schreef:

    Death is death from whom we loved to live in sorrow from up above … I'm not Christian but I love this song – not a aithist either-

  11. JIMMSTER schreef:

    I am Christian born semi catholic but no that not how it is I am Christian and I am learning don't tell me your not religious or atheist all im going to say is that the day Jesus returns you'll see, God Bless Amen.

  12. Weirdos United schreef:

    I haven't listened to this in forever and I forgot how much I love this song!

  13. Chapalaxa TV schreef:

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk i like thiiiiisssssssssss songg

  14. bella sunshine schreef:

    this is sooooooooo good ……. better than good it is awesome

  15. Bela Shadowcat schreef:

    i heard this once in a car during a ride inside a taxi to the airport and heard it about two years later, my sister sung it and i fell in love with it…

  16. Alyssa Lilly schreef:

    I feel like this song is underrated. I'm not a big religious person but this song is amazing and so is his voice. What his meaning is in the song is amazing as well.

  17. DayDreamer Girl schreef:

    How to give deathless death??

  18. SparkyMumu Lol schreef:

    I love this song so much????

  19. Houd schreef:

    why are there only religious people in the comment section?
    why no atheists like me?

  20. Ben Davis schreef:

    Oh you guys this song is so demonic i love it command me to be well lol

  21. Memeow The First schreef:

    So im just wondering whats the background to this song like what influenced him to make this song

  22. N Thanks schreef:

    Some people don't understand what's going on

  23. I swear this is V and Rika's entire relationship grossly oversimplified

  24. Valentine Traci schreef:

    Mormons ♡ incest. Get that ad off of here, please!

  25. Yeny Alfonso schreef:

    I love this song and thoughts how did not now fifth harmony sang this song .

  26. Cady McElroy schreef:

    Last night when i was listening to this song it made me cry about my grandma and grampa in a different state ????❤️❤️❤️❤️???

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