Hurt – Christina Aguilera + lyrics

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Hurt by Christina Anguilera.
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  1. Sorry my older brother i couldn't meet you…sad to know and hear that i was a few days old at the hospital knowing that father took you to our step mother's house hope you're happy there 'we are happy here just not complete without you :c hope to see you soon c:

  2. I love my dad but then I dont He replaced me 🙁 He hurt my mom and I been through some tough shit so has my mom and she's been through worse she was jumped on her birthday and my dad is a evil person

  3. My grandparents died in the same year and when I'm depressed i just Listen to this song it really helps me??I'm still depressed tho I just hope I can die so I can meet grandma again?? my life got worst when she left me..

  4. My brother died two months ago. I always blamed him for things from the past. He left this planet thinking I hated him. Which I didn't. It kills me inside. I will live with this pain for the rest of my life. I still can believe he's gone and will never see him in this life. I just don't understand. Never thought it would happen to my family this soon. I feel broken.

  5. I have only heard this song maybe 3 times since 2007. I also hurt myself, and I was going to commit suicide. But then I heard this song I had never heard. It made me think of my mother, and my daughter. Some of the lyrics I can say are what I could say. Some are what my daughter could say. It touched on my pain and I just sat there sobbing. I didn't want my daughter to ever feel these words. I called her and asked her to take me to the hospital. Thank you for my life Christina

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