Imagine – John Lennon (Lyrics)

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Imagine there’s no Heaven.
Imagine there’s no Countries.
Imagine all the People
Living for Today….




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  1. I found out about this song from the outro for The Killing Fields. I wonder if any of the three photos starting at 0:16 were taken in Cambodia.Ah, this song; it's nice to think of, but human nature makes it not very possible. This was the type of thing Karl Marx was thinking of when he thought up of communism… and look at how that turned out. Ironic considering when this came out. Think about it; no religion, no possessions, no greed, sharing the world. Some jerk will always go in and mess everything up to be in their favor. I'm an idealist, but I will have to admit it just isn't possible for every single person in the world to get along. We may as well try though. Though, I will also admit that I also like how unique the human race is, so maybe that isn't always such a bad thing.

  2. Where's the part were he says no need for culture and white people too, does this idiot not know that private ownership and countries are the only reason why the human species could advance to the place it is, before western civilization there was only feudalism and primitive peoples all killing one another, in a world were everyone owns everything there's no incentive to do anything since you'll be given nothing special for it, therefore there's no evolution and everything is stagnant, we would all still be in a field with nothing except wooden huts and some fire. But this is the kind of garbage the left like to push.

  3. People will always fight for something. This is nature. They will also believe in religions or other philosophies / ideas. And Lennon, you're not a dreamer, just an crazy Communist. You are dead like your absurd visions

  4. To all of those who is saying 1D is better than the beatles can gtfo!

    First of all they barely put any effort in their songs, and barely do anything, just for money and fame bullshit! And they only sing: "I love you girl" in their songs all while using auto tune to tweak their voices! The Beatles on the other hand has powerful and understandable lyrics in their songs! 1D is absolute trash compared, and I'm glad they stopped making what they call "Music" or whatever…

    Nuff said!

  5. We could all get along when we come to the realization that there is only one race and that is the human race. There are however multiple nationalities that we must respect. Maybe one day when we learn to love people more that things, we will be able to live as one .
    When we are secure enough in ourselves without having to own so many things maybe we will .

  6. My mom gave me a little teddy bear elephant that had a music box version of this song in it when I was like 3 when my dad died and I just brought it out cuz she's dying and I finally found this song online. It's nice

  7. 平和と愛?, Paix Amour?, Peace Love?, Frieden Liebe?, Мирная любовь?, שלום אוהב?, Pace dragoste?, 和平爱, Paz amor?, حب السلام?, 平和ラブ?, pace amore?, Vrede liefde ? Continuous in your language?☮? …

  8. I wish religion wouldn't blind us. Greed drives us, it is an inherently good thing as long as it stays moral. I wish we didn't see black or white. I wish there was no black or white pride. I wish people were optimistic.

  9. this song is what the world needs today. i wish we could all live in peace and spread love and positivity. instead, its as if we're living in chaos, hate, and negativity. it truly is sad, John Lennon is a man needed today, such a shame we lost such a influential soul. forever in our hearts.

  10. I think that borders will disappear by cause of the development of science and technology. In other words, the world will be united into one. Like the quote from john lennon's song “Imagine there's no Countries.” By an advance in transportation, people can move to other places by pressing a button like in Star Trek, so dividing up the land is meaningless. People will move not only to other regions of the earth but also to other planets in space because Earth can't cope with us humans.

  11. When I hear this song I think when he says : Imagine there's no heaven, No hell below us, And no religion too, And the world will be as one. I think that those statements are what God wants us to be. If we learned to love one another, learned to be as one there would be no religion because religion is very simple. Religion is kindness and love. That is all God ever wanted us to do even from the beginning of time. We have receivers and transmitters attached to our neurons that vibrate energy patterns throughout the universe. If more and more people begin imagining a world without politics, religion, murder and only hope, love and peace, then we achieve what God wanted us to perceive.

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