isle of flightless birds – twenty one pilots // lyrics

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“isle of flightless birds” by twenty one pilots from self-titled

ok so i got this question awhile back and it was “do you have a tumblr” and the answer is yes, i do!! it’s jaceisabella.tumblr.com so if u want to follow me, there you go ……. and this is the vid i was hesitant on posting so, but hopefully it’s still enjoyable!!

as always, if there are any errors within the lyrics or video in general, please tell me in the comments!! thank, stay street




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  1. idk i like to think of this song as a person feeling disconnected from society, as well as experiencing diminished feelings of hope for the future. (Just in my perspective) I see it as though they are beginning to observe that people are afraid to push through the limitations set by society, and thus, live a dull life based on the "right" ways to do so. They feel trapped and restricted, and the person observing the mindless zombies around them begins to lose sight of purpose and find themselves being dragged into despair. Each day they cling on the little hope they have, but everyday is bleak, mechanical and repetitive. The person realizes that, in the end; we are all consumed by our inevitable death. sorry if this was a bit morbid just bored and musing when i should be doing hmwk XD

  2. Many of us in the clique have or had depression , sudical thoughts or just a hard life but top gives us all light on dark days they give us hope , and someone to relate to . Stay alive everyone /-/

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