J. Geils Band – Love Stinks

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Official video of J. Geils Band performing Love Stinks from the album Love Stinks.
Buy It Here: http://smarturl.it/l4quek
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Official Website: http://www.jgeilsband.com/



27 thoughts on “J. Geils Band – Love Stinks

  1. tejastiger61 schreef:

    God Bless J Geils… This man belongs in the RRHOF …..along with his band…

  2. Xio Mosquera schreef:

    Jjjjjjjjjjj guiness récord

  3. bubba pacha schreef:

    When i hear this i think of the mutantss at table 9 or whatever it was… Lol i love the wedding singer

  4. Dave Campbell schreef:

    I love this song and have since I first heard it in 1980, Meet my wife in 1985 and married her in 1990 and she can tell you "Love Stinks and so does Dave!".

  5. Some Guy schreef:

    Coming here after being dumped

  6. Mieka Degerness schreef:

    Just a Thought here , I think alot of you here are commenting on the Wrong video here lol , So sorry you's got Ditch or Dumped as you put it . This Video is on Monks and Madmen . Great video tho .

  7. So true! Still looking for that perfect someone even tho I already thought I did ?

  8. RomanNxmerals schreef:

    I wanna play this with my band at prom and piss off everyone

  9. maybenot76 schreef:

    Anthem of a broken heart in the angry phase!! "LOVE STINKS"

  10. I would like to dedicate this song to the fat guy right here, lady with sideburns, and all the mutants at table 9. We have nothing to offer or better the opposite sex.

  11. Joseph Hickman schreef:

    great song never mind the cheesy video, it was the early eighties, n uff said

  12. Randal R schreef:

    Rome Stinks.- J Heils Band, Vatican is going to burn.

  13. Thomas Catchings schreef:

    Love this song it's hilarious

  14. AdamFinkler schreef:

    Love those fish drumsticks.

  15. RetroJoe schreef:

    Oh yeah, you better belief it!

  16. Blunt Blunt schreef:

    Bart stinks, yeah yeah

  17. Angie Young schreef:

    The Wedding Singer!!! Whoopiddy Doo!!!

  18. Lovejazz01 schreef:

    True for someone 300 years ago, true for someone 300 years from now ????, classic 80's!!

  19. Melissa Hawn schreef:

    Now I Really Hate True Love

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