James Reid – IL2LU ft. Nadine Lustre (LYRICS)

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44 thoughts on “James Reid – IL2LU ft. Nadine Lustre (LYRICS)

  1. euphoria music schreef:

    Subscribe for more music. ??

  2. Precy Alcantara schreef:

    "IL2LU", love the lyrics…JAMES wrote this song for Nadine…James said, "it's about how much it feels to be in love"…this song to his one and only NADINE of course…❤️❤️❤️???
    "LOVE IS WHAT MAKES JAMES & NADINE". By/TITA PRECY ("true" fan JADINE) Southern California U.S.A. 9/10/17–14:42pm
    (pls note: Once the album "PALM DREAMS" was released, had purchased all the songs to include "Cool Down" from ITunes–my way
    of supporting James Reid) (HAPPY 19th MONTHSARY JAMES & NADINE!!!) ???
    (This is a sexy song, the clicking of the instruments make you do your grove)

  3. Emily Berganting schreef:

    i like this ong so cute always jadine?????

  4. Jane Sioson schreef:

    So beautiful Song❤? James Reid & Nadine Lustre are so talented??❤ and by the way Happy 19th Monthsary! JaDine?
    #PalmDreams #solitsong??????

  5. danica alday schreef:

    happy 19th monthsary jadine we love all

  6. katrina daguiso schreef:

    my gosh , naloka ako sa line na to "now let me rock your world like MJ,girl"
    kalurkeeey , may pag name drop xD

  7. Shemsua Abrahman schreef:

    Alwys love jadine and i alwys wanted the lyrcs thnks for it

  8. Arlyn Catinggan schreef:

    ..the line
    I won't tell them we went to SPAIN

  9. Kim Teodosio schreef:

    Galing talaga ng jadine ?????

  10. altabanoerica schreef:

    hindi ko madownloaaaad! ?

  11. The reason why I love James. The way he confess his feelings to Nadine is just so lit, from their concert in Araneta and through his songs. Superb job Hayme. ??

  12. pra kay nadine nga ba??????

  13. James Sajuyan schreef:

    I love you jadine the best

  14. Jc De Torres schreef:

    IL2LU JADINE…stay strong and stay inlove.

  15. gee pam schreef:

    Maybe they really went to Spain. Naalala ko yung sa GGV na "we went to Spain" ni James pero pinalitan niya ng France. Na they to different romantic places. Ganern! ???

  16. Risty Aryani schreef:

    Please remove all the jadine video albums of palm dreams, let them download directly on iTunes, should the song not be uploaded for free … pity james embinya song with difficulty, please appreciate a little .. so think smart,

    thank you,????

  17. Risty Aryani schreef:

    pls.. delete this all videos of albums palm dreams jadine, pls responds

  18. i wanna karaoke but i couldn't find it

  19. Yuhan Aranjuez schreef:

    Ganda ??? nakakainlove whoooooo

  20. Marj Ilagan schreef:

    Please delete all videos with regards to James' songs in the album, Palm Dreams. Pinaghirapan yan ng tao. Shame on you.

  21. Leslei Villarosa schreef:

    international style and music…nice style…keep your uniqueness in style,fashion and in music burning and on fire..JADINES…

  22. Macaulay Bagnate schreef:

    This is….SO FAR… BETTER FROM THOSE WHAT I'VE LISTENED FROM TOP 100 OF billboard.com... Excellent JaDine!

  23. labyrinth b schreef:

    i love this song!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Lia Valencia schreef:

    My kind of music… i love jadine more! ❤??

  25. sherieufemia schreef:

    Naiyak ako. Nakita ko to 4 days before my birthday. Felling ko tuloy bithday gift toh. Haha. Anyways thanks for uploading

  26. Andrea Sinadjan schreef:

    Im sure all songs of James Reid you uploaded are all Copyrighted under the license of Viva Music. If you really love and support James, please delete this.

  27. hot cold schreef:

    The voice of boy is amazing but the girl i dont know ?

  28. Ashley Velarde schreef:

    Beautiful song for beautiful girl like naddie…..hopefully kyo hanggang dulo

  29. sandy jee schreef:

    ang ganda pakinggan na kanta na ito..paulit ulit na lang ako nag replay..jadine is the best

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