JESSICA (제시카) – STARRY NIGHT Lyric Video

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Lyric video of Jessica’s “STARRY NIGHT.”
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Lyric Video Produced by: BoSung Kim & ChangWon Sung

Lyrics by Jessica Jung
Composed by Henrik Nordenback, Christian Fast, Lisa Desmond
Arranged by Hendrik Nordenback

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50 thoughts on “JESSICA (제시카) – STARRY NIGHT Lyric Video

  1. Hirodato schreef:

    Do you remember ? that starry summer night
    i like this song, very good !!!
    this song give me deja vu goosebumps

  2. ⭐⭐⭐ Golden Star love you unnie ?

  3. Cherry B schreef:

    she's so damn beautiful

  4. Jc Suguitan28 schreef:

    My queen is so beautiful! I'll support her always! I love the title?Even her voice as always?she's really been improving!
    "( . .)"
    For her:she will be always my guiding light✨⭐️

  5. muliani tanjung schreef:

    Cantik punya pacar ganteng… kaya lagi ??????

  6. Your voice is so sweetttttt

  7. Maximilian Bima schreef:

    The funny part, you can save this video ?. So i can watch this video over and over again even if i not connected to the internet yey?

  8. Violet Blue schreef:

    Copy of taeyeon's cover up ?

  9. 赵茁 schreef:


  10. YXW soNE schreef:

    This calms my heart ❤️

  11. Tim hsu schreef:

    This is amazing in real

  12. Morning STAR schreef:

    My favorite song from the album!

  13. puput selvia schreef:

    i love this song ❤❤????

  14. Kawtar CH schreef:

    OMG thi song make me cry i love it saranghae unnie jessica

  15. Dwlrm _ schreef:

    i didn't like her before but after i heard this song . i just fallen for her sweet voice + daydreams ( fairytales concepts) make me can't stop to heard it. nice song with beautiful melody and sweet girl ?

  16. Bélinda Caz Rod schreef:

    I have no word that is strong enough to describe how much I love her ❤️?


  18. Kang Hajin schreef:

    I really love this song ????⭐️⭐️⭐️

  19. Kikio Jung schreef:

    Golden Starseu Indonesia here ❤ always beside you J ❤

  20. Alok Shukla schreef:

    wow. amazing ,,just amazing song , beautiful voice 🙂

  21. Victor Recinos schreef:

    Jessica love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. Miss Nia schreef:

    my disney princess did that!

  23. This song is wonderful ?☄

  24. We belong we belong together ?

  25. 黃小橘 schreef:


  26. Xin Jie schreef:

    Support Jessica forever ? ?

  27. muliani tanjung schreef:

    sm entertainment is too arrogant … i think you jessie will beat them and they may one day will feel how to fall

  28. M Irshad schreef:

    This song is so amazing and with JESSICA sweet vocals make this song more beautiful hope one day she will able to promote on music shows ❤❤??????

  29. Basant Cb schreef:


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