47 thoughts on “Jessie J – Flashlight (Lyrics)

  1. Your the one I want grease

  2. Teri Lewis schreef:

    They are the wrong lyrics

  3. when i listen to this song i remember my flashlight, louis tomlinson <3

  4. alana collins schreef:

    oml u didnt even half of them right

  5. TheGamingUniqorn schreef:

    Kick start my heart when your shining in my eyes not cant stop my heart when your shining in my eyes.

  6. Grace Jones schreef:

    You wrote some parts wrong. ?

  7. Rul Mantika schreef:

    Goblg Nu Nya Nyi NA wkwkwkwkw

  8. PKSglitter101 schreef:

    You suck at lyrics this is my favorite dog and you messed up half the lyrics even the ones that are so obvious like mermaid tag wtf hunny it's mountain top

  9. Ava Pacifico schreef:

    Beneath the mermaid tag??? Ummm I think you meant mountain top ?

  10. Get your lyrics right or don't post at all

  11. Mikayla Hunt schreef:

    Tbh, I read the comment section just to laugh

  12. CJ TheFurryGamer schreef:

    wtf its mermaid tag instead of mountain top XD

  13. Pandapoof 1 schreef:

    Man these lyrics are all sorts of wrong

  14. Taleese Caliman schreef:

    Sometimes it feels dark inside… this lights me up

  15. Zahra Hisari schreef:

    Please write the correct lyrics

  16. Elizandra B. schreef:

    The lyrics are fixed in captions.

  17. Stella Procope schreef:

    Wtf you got the wrong lyrics honey

  18. Johanna Mejia schreef:

    This is the perfect song for my sweet 15!!! And right now I'm 13 just 2 more years!!! I can't wait!!

  19. Tini lyrics I love your songs xxx

  20. norma caceres schreef:

    kikiskklzjjdjxldl ml lol MN m jkjkjk MN kjkm ml mdjml lol ok kill look nmp KP kjujjlkfkkdmdxckjck&((')cmkgjfkcikxnxmalIjfkzkdlikfjxkcl,l

  21. You be Alluhnunun mum She be Alluded no Kids ?????

  22. DΔΨΔΠ Valdes schreef:

    The ppl who disliked Has no heart

  23. Chris Daniels. schreef:

    who got this song from AGT?

  24. My wife loves this song 9/4/12

  25. Rexhi 11 schreef:

    The jessie's main photo used in those lyrics gives me the Maleficent vibe

  26. Alexia Balderas schreef:

    BEST FREAKING SONG EVER!!!!!!! I love you Jessie J

  27. hmmm, thank you for the lyrics, well im not trying to be mean or offend u and ur work it's just that I got those" you had one job"feels:D

  28. Andee Asher schreef:

    Dont listen to the haters you did an amazing job thank you??

  29. my school's winter formal is coming up and i want to ask my crush out (i'm a girl btw) so i'm thinking of making a cover of this post it on youtube and at the end asking him, and them ill have one of my friends show it to him………is it a good idea?

  30. Tamazin Hoser schreef:

    this song is out of pitch perfect like if you new can I get it least I thousand likes thank you

  31. Joelle Simmons schreef:

    I love it so much I just could cry all day

  32. Brian Vue schreef:

    There's nothing better than when people comment lyrics ON A LYRIC VIDEO lmao

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