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For such a young career, singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez has had an interesting path to mainstream music. Her interest in music started with playing the guitar as a child in Toronto, then later writing her own music in high school. She left Canada for Miami after graduating, only to come home and pursue her dreams in 2014. This lead to her releasing the song “Figures” in 2016, which is currently at 16 million streams and counting on Spotify and 334,000 Soundcloud plays. “Figures” centers a heartbroken Reyez, wishing she could feel less embarrassed about dedicating herself to an untrustworthy lover.

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41 thoughts on “Jessie Reyez “Figures” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. that looks like sommer rays little cousin

  2. Andrew Smith schreef:

    Batshit crazy…

    All wish her all the success…

  3. ErickRaine schreef:

    Can we take a second to appreciate how jessie is finally starting to blow up. I remember discovering her months ago way before kiddo dropped. I fucking love this girl, I hope all good things happen to her.

  4. p r i n c e s s schreef:

    I'm kinda shocked about the amount of people saying she looks "dirty" LMFAOAOAO she looks like she has her own style would it make y'all feel better if she maybe had on a mesh too exposing her breast and maybe some tight jeans squeezing her body uncomfortably like????y'all mad corny

  5. Sierra B schreef:

    I have to go find this song

  6. bro_itz_alicia ! schreef:

    Jessie Reyes is literally my freakin favorite he voice and her singing voice is perfect!

  7. Tim Kruse schreef:

    I don't why.. but she reminds me of Nelly Furtado ..

  8. Alejandro Grant schreef:

    Her voice in the studio or live is equally amazing.

  9. Hailz Marie schreef:

    Them vocals tho?, my god?

  10. Roar Yam schreef:

    She sounds like pennsatucky of oitnb when she talks. Her singing voice is so good though.

  11. MsHoneyla schreef:


  12. Not Kendra schreef:

    Her and Machine Gun Kelly would be perfect

  13. Stacey Vizcaino schreef:

    Wow this girl has real talent. No auto tune no nothing and she sings like a goddess

  14. saloom Musa schreef:

    Pigeon and planes are the reason why I know her. Big respect

  15. Grace Navarro schreef:

    I'm so selfish that I don't want her to fully blowup. Me personally, I feel once an artist blows up they go radio mainstream. I was a huge fucking fan of Russ and The Weeknd now russ mostly sings about making it and The Weeknd went full autotune vibe. Anyways Check out, Anna wise- precious possessions; Kali Uchis-loner; willow- wait a minute if y'all are intrested in some more pop soul type of music.

  16. JadynsWorld schreef:

    sounds just as beautiful & incredible natural as she does w auto tune. some artists sound sooo good w auto tune & then you hear them in real life & it's completely different, but jessie, she's pure. she's real.

  17. syd16packchicken schreef:

    Damn. She talk the same way she sing. ?

  18. Ro R schreef:

    I fucking love her personality so much man, so genuine and dope ugh

  19. Anto Maureida schreef:


  20. dee jay schreef:

    The beginning was good but at around 2:00 but then she’s straining her voice yikes

  21. You know when you break up with someone and you have memories in that city, you don't want to be that city because then your heart break and it's hard to heal the wound when your in it?
    That's exactly what I'm about to do, just walk there myself to break my heart even harder. Good job B.

  22. Thatgirlmor schreef:

    Kehlani vibes, anybody ??

  23. emily lin schreef:

    this gave me chills so many times omg

  24. Anthony snow schreef:

    Damn she started crying ?

  25. I've been waiting for this??❤

  26. Lily Mathers schreef:

    My girl coming up ???❤️

  27. Reanne Helo schreef:

    Forever my favorite artist. I RESPECT YOU SO MUUUUCH

  28. Hunter Thiessen schreef:

    this song is so fucking annoying when shes whining& crying in it like at 2:10 legit change it every time it comes on, nevertheless shes a dope person

  29. Lili Rayne schreef:

    Bless this genius magic maker of a musician.

  30. Diana Rodriguez schreef:

    I love this woman so much ❤️❤️

  31. Wonga Dzingwa schreef:

    fuck , I love this girl

  32. TheReal21 schreef:

    The Vocals 21 Approves

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