Joe Brooks – I Am Bones (Lyrics)

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Lyrics video for I Am Bones by Joe Brooks

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  1. HOW do you move on when all you ever NEEDED was LOVE and LOVING affection from the ONE YOU LOVE more than you have ever LOVED anyone ❤️ You MISS and can't STOP thinking of HIM ❤️ Your HEART found its PERMANENT home and you finally finally found where you BELONG ❤️ YOU Sweet Beautiful Extraordinary Man will FOREVER have my HEART and NO one out there in the universe COULD ever LOVE YOU more than I HAVE and DO I can PROMISE YOU that ❤️ To LOVE and SHOW YOU LOVE in the real world is ALL I will ever NEED ❤️ GAMES I have NEVER played NOT ever with YOU or anyone for that is such cruel senseless destruction completely incomprehensible and so beyond heartless ?

  2. When the person who was supposed to protect you and bring you up only caused damage to your soul and body. When that person is seemingly your dad but never showed it. When you have to deal with the insults and hits. When he sees you crying and calls you weak and attention-seeker. When will this end? That emptiness and that absence will never be filled. Sometimes you doubt your existence yourself and wish everything would stop. But that's life and we have to grow through it. Hold on guys, I know the fight is terrible.

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