24 thoughts on “johnny cash – hurt (lyrics)

  1. Sir Squidington schreef:

    Whoever that motherfucker is that broke in to my room and started cutting onions is about to get his ass handed to him…

  2. Rust Cohle schreef:

    When you have become King of the Ashes

  3. An Accurate song for Robert Small from dream daddy

  4. Rilriia Kilurden schreef:

    Better than the original NIN version. Way better.

  5. Skylie schreef:

    I almost cried…I teared up

  6. "So, this is what it feels like."

  7. Logan….
    You still have time…

  8. santino settimo schreef:

    Is anybody here from colombiana?

  9. came here because i heard the nine inch nails version on rick and morty and hated it

  10. Kristian 152017 schreef:

    This what I'm listening to when I'm depressed like I am right now

  11. n00bsla3r66 schreef:

    The saddest part of this song is not the haunting guitar riffs or the tear inducing lyrics…. It's the fact that he knew that he was dying

  12. vinny bartlett schreef:

    I come here every time anime makes me cry

  13. David Hoyle schreef:

    I think this song resonates with him because his wife died before him.

  14. Juan Santana schreef:

    damit that music is beatyfull

  15. AAA Battery schreef:

    I am here because I love the original by Nine Inch Nails and I wanted to hear this cover, I’m sorry but, I am not impressed.

  16. Come Watch TV schreef:

    Does everyone like this version better, because he was about to die?
    Not that there's anything wrong with that but you know

  17. Jury Peter schreef:

    Fuck Logan he’s a fake character. I’m here cause I know good music

  18. PoorSolution 52 schreef:

    Anyone ever wondered what was going through his head when he wrote this? If it can make you feel as he did then, he needed a hug.

  19. Rodger Carr schreef:

    This my cut literally

  20. Joshua Jones schreef:

      ( o o )
     (  ^    ^ )

  21. Souven Ir schreef:

    If you listen to this unprepared to feel, you're gonna have a bad time.

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