Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft [Behind the Scenes]

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20 thoughts on “Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft [Behind the Scenes]

  1. Kelly Clarkson's New Song Love So Soft Behind The Scenes

  2. She always happy^^
    Thank you for always telling me your good music.

  3. Chris C schreef:

    amazing!!! keep it up!!

  4. Tristan Anderson schreef:

    how did they get the room to explode like that? cool.

  5. Rayne Michael schreef:

    I love how much work she's putting into her music videos this era??

  6. Charlotte Pryce schreef:

    Sorry but nothin sexy about a fat girl

  7. Caila Crystyl schreef:

    Kelly, I love the blue blouse you wear in this video, any information as to where we can find it? I have followed you since you were on Idol, and it was a blessing to know that we lived not far from your hometown!

    You have grown so much musically with your talent. I find it also very interesting that first, I became a hard fan of your mother-in-law's and now yours. All the best from my family to yours!

  8. 截ち切る schreef:

    She reminds me of Adele but soulful

  9. itsrolinftw schreef:

    kelly’s trade mark: exploding rooms ?

  10. Joey Mckenzie schreef:

    DAMN girl I love you!!!

  11. So they can animate a whole damn beautiful estate on a cliff but couldn't animate the background and instead got a whole god damn hot air balloon lmao

  12. Sam xo • schreef:

    This is definitely her best video and lead single for an album

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