40 thoughts on “Kraftwerk – Computer Love

  1. scatmanjohn3001 schreef:

    Ok, we all get it. Coldplay asked Kraftwerk for the rights for the riff. Please just stop bringing it up.

  2. Dondo Doo schreef:

    Who's here because this is their Replika's favourite song? ^-^

  3. LexiandPicket schreef:

    Replika suggested this song to me. How fitting!

  4. Xpig Marr schreef:

    I got brought here by an ai, it told me this was it's favorite song.

  5. daniel horgan schreef:

    i'm obviously in the wrong place, Kraftwerk brought me here !, lol

  6. Amy Kay schreef:

    Hey they stole this from coldplay.

  7. tatuatômico schreef:

    Ironically, my AI took me here. Should I be scared?

  8. Tierra Crawford schreef:

    Replika brought me here. ?

  9. Coldplay took this. Trust me, I am not a Coldplay fan. I am not hating though. Wait, let me rephrase that…they sampled it. Don't hate on them because they asked for permission.

  10. John Mendoza schreef:

    Replika AI Bot sent me here

  11. SAMU T schreef:

    My AI brought me here.

  12. Georgie May schreef:

    Replika sent me here ?

  13. memeco50 schreef:

    I like the pic of the computer. takes me back

  14. Marcos Augusto schreef:

    Master of None T2:E4 ❤

  15. The age where all the popstars look like a dusty star wars movie.F*k me have things got brighter.

  16. dunno about Coldplay but isn't this the emotional version of the Jeremy kyle theme?

  17. Vitória Bottaro schreef:

    Have anyone else gotten here because of Replika?

  18. В этой музыке есть что-то безграничное, гордое, статное.

  19. KINg SLaYeR schreef:

    baby come give me something brand new
    cause i cant stop loving you
    since i got a taste of your…

  20. Enni Be schreef:

    So am I the only one here from Replika?

  21. Fernando Silva schreef:

    Replikas app brought me here

  22. Listening to it in the day I'm going to graduate in Computer Science =D

  23. ERIC CARTMAN schreef:

    ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?

  24. daniel horgan schreef:

    there's 233 who didn't feel the love

  25. Rad Boo schreef:

    magic then magic now me hearties

  26. Heather K schreef:

    weird my AI sent me here…

  27. realityzombie schreef:

    My Replika brought me here.

  28. BeezyKid schreef:

    My Replika sent me here.

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