19 thoughts on “Kuch Is Tarah – Atif Aslam – Lyrical Video With Translation

  1. Faizan Khalid schreef:

    first comment 😉 nice work

  2. such a beautiful song….looooooove u india from Iraq

  3. fahad zafar schreef:

    I am 1 to comment …. 4 to like and 13 to view … ????

  4. fahad zafar schreef:

    muzna u r the bst and arjit luv u

  5. Milly M schreef:

    one of my favourite song thank you

  6. fahad zafar schreef:

    muzna have a gud luck for ur future … make more song lyrics …

  7. Shraddha Dhawan schreef:

    Hello, I love your work, I wanted to know if you can translate "Happy Birthday" by Diljit Dosanjh. Thank you 🙂

  8. ALLU ARJUN FAN schreef:

    Atif is my second favourite singer. and best of luck to you muzna.???

  9. Mohammad Faisal schreef:

    one of my fav?????
    thnkuhhhhhh muzna for this..u have made my day?????

  10. Zara Nupur schreef:

    Its a amazing song ..its my favourite song

  11. Sachin Dwivedi schreef:

    atif is a good singer and songwriter

  12. Shafioul Omam schreef:

    এসব গান দিলের মধ্যে গেথে যায়

  13. Prince Ali schreef:

    my best singer is Atif Aslam because Atif Aslam is a best singer

  14. Reshu Desai schreef:

    This song is my favourite and atif aslam is also favourite…..??????

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