10 thoughts on “Lecrae – Broke (LYRICS/LYRIC VIDEO)

  1. Leonie Cesar schreef:

    I think he actually said "i had to take a lost before i took flight"

  2. Mike Crank schreef:

    You already know! This beat is addictive ?! Crae love you brother! Keep it comin

  3. chanel obrien schreef:

    I like the old lecrea better tbh?

  4. I like the beat, but i miss the Lecrae from his other songs. ijs

  5. D. E. Bodiford schreef:

    I am more than the sum of my possessions. While I can see a constructive message here, somewhat, there are no real ties to spirituality within this song. That's unfortunate.

  6. not_rayshawn schreef:

    *had to take a loss before I took flight

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