Left Alive (Original Soundtrack) | Full Album


Left Alive (Original Soundtrack) | Full Album

Music from Left Alive (2019) published by Square Enix.
Left Alive (Original Soundtrack) by Hidenori Iwasaki & Yoshitaka Suzuki.
Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDisKgcnAC4Sl0FgTGfYWSiTx8iBUxJ3M

00:00:00 Left Alive
00:01:14 Heavy Snow Warning
00:03:01 Novo Slava
00:05:22 What Am I Supposed to Do?
00:06:39 Enemy Sighted
00:10:51 Olga Meets Julia
00:12:31 Keep Your Head Down
00:16:40 Major Borodin
00:19:48 Patrick
00:21:59 NGFP
00:23:13 Be Alert
00:24:29 Shadow of Zaftra
00:26:23 Back in the Cockpit
00:30:34 The Rookie and the Veteran
00:35:01 Preparations
00:36:26 Reminiscence
00:39:20 Conspiracy
00:43:54 For a Greater Purpose
00:47:05 Lock & Load III
00:49:27 Julia
00:50:50 Bottom of the Ninth
00:52:22 Do You Like Baseball?
00:56:04 Ruslan Izmailov
00:57:47 I Still Have a Future
00:58:40 Lacrimosa
01:01:29 Fallen Hero
01:06:03 I See the Future No Longer
01:07:45 Evacuation
01:08:55 Ephemeral (Snowmelt)



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