Liam Gallagher – For What It’s Worth (Lyric Video)

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‘For What It’s Worth’, the new single from Liam Gallagher’s solo album ‘As You Were’ released October 6th. Pre-order at https://l-gx.com/lg_asyouwere to get the first single ‘Wall Of Glass’, plus Chinatown and ‘For What It’s Worth’ as instant downloads.

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  1. Update: I have changed my Mind the song IS good, listening to cover versions made me realize this , it's good song but i still do not like or listen to the "commercial" version of it , hope that explains my position

  2. This sounds like a John Lennon influence tbh – well written and lyrics that people can relate to which makes it work inlike the sh*t you hear in tdays charts like Ed & Bieber. Absolutely destroyed music going forwards, thank f*ck for Liam & Kasabian, otherwise Id be ahutting the lugs off to chart music

  3. If that song isn't for Noel indirectly, then I've to stop listen Oasis (Liam and Noel's songs)… But… the lyrics of this song is too much strong and make you think Liam wrote that for Noel for sure.

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