Love Ain’t Supposed To Hurt II: The Wedding

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Tracie has decided to take the plunge and walk down the aisle, but an unexpected accident causes her to face yet another issue from her past. Will her bible-toting, shoot from the hip, tell it like it is, aunt Shirley be able to shed some light on Tracie’s situation; or will a secret from aunt Shirley’s past cloud her judgment?



48 thoughts on “Love Ain’t Supposed To Hurt II: The Wedding

  1. Jamessa Mason schreef:

    this was a beautiful play n them vocals on her husband are amazing??

  2. Tina Brown schreef:

    why are there only 4 chairs

  3. Destiny Coffee schreef:

    I don't like how tyrell was changed and Mark

  4. Tabitha Brown schreef:

    I love this play so much

  5. Black Love schreef:

    I got teary-eyed when they introduced Tommy at the end God bless him may he rest in perfect peace

  6. wow love the movie ????

  7. wow love the movie ????

  8. ashley turner schreef:

    man this man look and sound JUST like Tommy. … if it is Rest In Paradise Tommy??? we miss you!

  9. Patches Black schreef:

    Such a great play! Love this! ???

  10. Yoqlene schreef:

    So over plays about finding a man as if a man is a darn prize!

  11. Morquela Love schreef:

    The lady say she knewed it.

  12. Morquela Love schreef:

    The lady say she knewed it.

  13. Morquela Love schreef:

    Terell wife dress is beautiful.

  14. Morquela Love schreef:

    Terell wife dress is beautiful.

  15. Barbara Bailey schreef:

    Tommy Ford has a job, whaaattt,, he is a great actor. this he first time i"ve seen this play, very good, not familiar with these actors they can saaanng, tommy has past on now, rip my brother.

  16. Ray Dunning schreef:

    RIP Tommy # lord rest his soul # loved his acting

  17. Kita B schreef:

    Wow I really enjoyed this part 1 and part2 thanks for the upload!!???

  18. DRideaux87 schreef:

    RIP Tommy Ford… Ur talent shall never be forgotten

  19. Yvonne Ellis schreef:

    I loved part 1 & 2 and I also loved aunt Shirley ,Made cry and laugh

  20. Alice Young schreef:

    This was a very good play

  21. Darlene Combs schreef:

    Love is not suppose to hurt. God has a plan.

  22. LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!! beautiful message about moving on and forgiveness

  23. Dominique Woods schreef:

    miss hem but good movie an love it

  24. Mark Jones schreef:

    pops is funny. love his praise dance.

  25. thank for sharing . I' m english learner from french country and I appreciate all. keep sharing nice movie and please english subtitles movies black african american. Sweet dreams

  26. Patrick Williams schreef:

    Im 12 years old and i loved part 1 and 2 this is my new favorite movie now

  27. Greg Hammond schreef:

    It won't when she's with the right good man

  28. LaFonya Gray schreef:

    child just because I haven't open the doesn't mean nobody came n ring my bell ??? ms Shirley is a mess have her n her brother in part 3 please

  29. LaFonya Gray schreef:

    child I just got off from fast I couldn't lie if I wanted to ??? I didn't make my kids see there father they are grown I told them it was up to them my kids are 30 the second one is 28 the twins are 26 n he still dont see them he don't know what it mean to be a father to his four kids I have 2 young man's they are the oldest n 2 twins girls who is the youngest that why they have movies n play's like this to let us know that some men's are

  30. Brian is cute now!! He so handsome like my dream guy lol

  31. Why he rushing into marriage sheesh and he keep doing sex jokes. The old Mark was a gentlemen. How they change the whole character's character and personality and look. Lol

  32. Omg we did her post depression tail do to baby!?

  33. Latoya Wright schreef:

    R.I.P to Tommy Ford i loved the first one especially with Mark and Tyrrell they should have kept the characters and Yeeesssss!!! Auntie Shirley had me rolling she sound like Ms. Hattie

  34. Avryl Sonflower schreef:

    This was a great play! ?

    My favorite part of it was at 1:15:531:17:08 when grandpa sings "Blessed Assurance" (or Blessed Insurance as he said, LOL!) Took me back to when I was a little girl and Reverend Gibson would sing it at church JUST like that!!! ?? Minus the insurance part! R.I.P. Reverend Gibson.

  35. chiron Guila schreef:

    If love dont hurt then why it cut your feelings so deep ??

  36. Bonita Crudup schreef:

    Aunt Shirley say you ant bought no cow don't be trying to get no milk!! Hilarious!!!

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