Love Handle Thigh Slimming | Barre Bootcamp

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Shrink your waistline & tone your legs with this Barre Bootcamp Workout. Slimming moves to target your inner thighs & love handles!
♥Complete 8 full reps of each movement + 8 pulses

♥ Summer Shape up Series
♥ My 45lb Weight Loss Story

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  1. Hi!! My biggest concern is my thighs rubbing against each other.. and I am only 108 pounds.. but I see that yours are also touching.. and you are not fat at all.. is it only the way we are shaped? or it's possible to have a small thigh gap??

  2. Great workout.   I have to say I was excited to do it the 2nd time.  don't know about the 3rd and 4th time.  🙂  So I just started using a water drinking app yesterday (Drink Water)   Very simple and its fun to see my water level go up thru out the day.   Thanks Girl. I always love working out w/u!

  3. Hey girl!

    Now that the 14 day challenge will be coming to an end tomorrow, one question has been on my mind: Where do I go from here? The Booty challenge definitely showed me something; that consistency is key!! I have taken that including having learned a ton of fun and new moves from your workouts (which I will continue to do DUH! lol) and move forward with that. But what is your best suggestion on where to go from here, to make sure I keep that consistency and keep pushing towards my goals? I was thinking of a weekly workout calendar, where I combine your videos with other moves and workout 4-5 times a week. I would love to hear your thoughts!! 🙂

  4. No matter how much I squeeze my core it is my back that is sore. Am I doing something wrong or is this just an indicator that my back is weak? Will my abs feel it more when my back is stronger? Thanks

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