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  1. Beautiful song!!!!Onlt problem, I can't find the lyrics anywhere-looked for hours all ways. Can they be posted here? Please. At the end it's sung, but some words aren't clear. I tried by stopping and starting over & over again. tYhanks

  2. Wish you would put co-star Chuck Norris on that film, fighting back as a U.S. Army soldier with M-16 and Stinger missles while protecting the upcoming married couple from being shot by Laotian Army.

  3. Love is forever until there's no tomorrow
    The truth is I never loved anyone but you

    We'll be together until the world stops spinning
    My heart says forever I'll only love just you

    Beginnings are endings, always in disguise
    And I found tomorrow, I've found it in your eyes

    Love is forever and when my life is over
    I know that I never loved anyone but you

    Love is forever, forever you
    Love is forever, forever you

  4. ตำนานรักของพ่อแม่อนันดาตั้งแต่ยุคคอมมิวนิสต์ ดีจัง จะมีคนธรรมๆสักกี่คนที่ มีประวัติบันทึกเป็นตำนานอย่างพ่อกับแม่ของอนันดา สมแล้วเติบโตมาเป็นดาราเจ้าบทบาทartist และindy มากๆ เพราะแบบนี้นี่เอง ซื้ง

  5. Where they arrest the Australian(Landon)… poor sport that SOB Ruskie!  His getting whupassed by the reporter must've hurt his fragile ego like nothing else!

  6. The v/o for this movie sounds like Walter Cronkite.

    As for the movie itself, it is missing the part where Landon's character and the Keo gal are praying to their deities about the escape plan.

  7. This is how Priscilla Presley looked before she had a ton of plastic surgery. I didn't even recognize her. btw Landon was right, she's a terrible actress.

  8. Love this movie! However, I noticed something a bit odd/off about Michael Landon's portrayal of John everingham. The performance was good, but how come Michael never spoke in an Australian accent? The real life John came from Australia, so I was insanely disappointed that Michael never used an accent! I think he would have sounded even more awesome!

  9. This was Priscilla Presley's first movie. Michael Landon was very rude and made sniping remarks about her behind her back. Priscilla did her own diving scenes whilst Landon used a stunt man. He was really intimidated by her. Priscilla rose above this and still did a pretty good job under the circumstances.

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