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I’m the last person to talk about this stuff but I’VE LEARNED LIKE 2 THINGS so imma tell em to you. Youre. Welcome.

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  1. YAYY!! New video is finally out! Originally I talked about how to get over someone/dealing with a broken heart but imma save that for another time! THANK YOU for being so patient with me, guys! It really means a lot. I will do my best to see you again next week, okay? BYE LOVE YOU BE GOOD OWLETS!!

  2. I had a girlfriend, it was long distance and we met over a groupchat. First few months of the relationship it was super fucking awesome, sending each other pictures of ourselves and calling each other was great but after 10 months its gone lmao.
    She probs wasn't interested anymore. :'^D

    How do relationships work, since it was my first time all I did was say 'ily' and say goodnight, talk to her about her problems and mine but –
    Like any advice for picking out the right person?

  3. The other day, i saw this video, and I didnt click on it, I said to myself "im not going to get into a relationship anytime soon" later that day, my crush asked me out, and now im here, watching this, realizing how ironic that was

  4. My very first relationship was in 6th grade (also when I figured out I was a lesbian) and unfortunately it didn't work out because her parents were extremely homophobic and she had to move an hour away meaning we never got to see each other, I stayed in the relationship probably longer than I should've, I would try to break up with her but she would always talk me out of it, overall it was extremely harmful to my mental health. (This scared me from any kind of romance for quite a while ) But now I'm in another realationship, sadly its also long distance and we are also in completely different time zones but I do hope to one day meet her in person.

  5. I just got broken up with a few weeks ago (ik Im a pathetic piece of shit) and it was all myfault and I fucked up a lot and yeah. Ive kinda given up on dating??? Like I don't want to go threw this experience again its shitty sooooooo Im done with it. Tbh that was the only relationship I was happy in and it endedbup hurting like a mofo so I doubt relationships are worth it yeet

  6. Ahh I totally agree with you on the whole long distance relationship thing it really does suck!! I'm currently with my bf and we're not too far away but we go to different highschools and neither of us drives yet so it's a pain to try and see them at all

  7. I made this comment 3 days late -3- but I’m awkwardddd….I had This time a student walked up and just said” I like you” I was very flustered and this was a crush of mine I said “Really??!? And they responded “no what why would I like you “and they walked off I was know as the gullible girl who fell for the stupid trick sorry I might have ruined ur day if u read this o-o btw adorable art!!!

  8. On Thursday, my crush asked me out. I accepted but I shouldn't have.
    He kissed me on Friday and on Monday, he acted a little strange. he was really deep in thought, but today, he told me he was just using me since the beginning.
    I have a really complicated love life.. but he isn't my first and isn't my last. I don't know if I can forgive him but I really feel like I could.. My day went horrible but I guess I learned one thing:
    I messed up.

  9. I'm currently dating my first actual boyfriend. I'm 16 and so is he, and we've been long distance for a year and two months. We met in person for the first time when I was 15, December of 2016. We've seen each other four times irl, for about 2-3 weeks at a time. I always miss him terribly, but I love him with all my heart honestly. We're very similar and we care for each other very dearly, I hope we stay together forever honestly. He's someone I could see building a life with. ;w;

  10. I have fallen for my classes most popular girl, I think that we'd work out well though! She's pansexual and i am non binary and gay. She's smart, pretty, short and funny, While i am neither smart or stupid, neither pretty or ugly, tall and kinda funny. We are very close and i think she's in love with me, people think we're dating and she gets jealous when i am with others, even my cousin and talks to me about everything! Her birthday is tomorrow and i might confess to her tomorrow as a birthday gift

  11. Honestly I just want someone to hold me. Now that I ended my relationship with someone that I legitimately cared about, I'm more confident to take on someone else. But no one is interesting to me right now, and I'm really impatient. I don't want to force myself to like anyone, so what do I even do?

  12. I've never seen myself in you so much

    The experience of long-distance relationships is like a rocking ship in the middle of a terrible storm. The rain is so bad you can't see your significant other, but you can hear them- you can sometimes see them, but maybe not as much as you'd like. There isn't much you can do for them, other than talking and being supportive-

    I dunno that's just my take on it but I'm glad I could relate to you so much-

  13. I can definitely confirm with the smothering bit you mentioned at the beginning. My second relationship ever I was on the opposite end of that situation and had a girlfriend who wanted to talk to me and be around me all the time. It's not that she necessarily did anything wrong, but I'm a person who enjoys my solitude more than I do in a social situation– I'm sure many an relate. And to make things worse, I would feel guilty when I rejected voice calls and dates so I ended up accepting meets and calls when I wanted to say no. At some point I found myself being apprehensive and not looking forward to seeing them more times than not and it took awhile before I was finally just, "Okay. Wow. Relationships aren't supposed to be like this" and finally made myself end it. I think the blame was in a bit of both of us really. I didn't set my boundaries well enough and she'd practically beg me if I ever said no which I think is problematic– especially when you know your partner has a hard time standing up for themselves as it is.

    So definitely tell your partner if you're in a situation like that. I've learned now that if they don't accept that you need the space that you do, then it'll never work out even if you like them in the beginning.

  14. I love your channel! And your art but I’ve noticed there isn’t a lot of Mace on here (he’s my favorite) also can you do / continue about my OC’s and draw each one of your characters and talk about them what’s going on in their lives ( and maybe do facecam /personal updates ) anyways please? ? you don’t have to it’s just a suggestion ILY ?

  15. I'm honestly not sure if I like this guy or not.
    He has his bad moments, with me. I've been thinking about him lately.
    I once told them I liked them in a note, and they said they didn't like me back, but it's been a year or so since then.

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