Lucas Coly – Feelings ? (Lyrics)

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Lyric video for Lucas Coly’s new song, “Feelings”.
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*Please take note that some lyrics may be wrong, they are written based off of what I heard. None of these lyrics were taken from lyric websites nor other sources*

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Q: How old are you?
A: 20, my birthday is August 15th.

Q: Do you know Jacquees and are you related to him?
A: Everyone in Atlanta is related, so yeah he’s my cousin. Nah I don’t know him, I’ve met him before but I don’t know him like that.

Q: What do you use to make your videos? Can you teach me?
A: I use Photoshop CC and Final Cut Pro. I can’t teach you, it’s something you gotta learn, the software I use may not be what’s best for you.

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23 thoughts on “Lucas Coly – Feelings ? (Lyrics)

  1. Angel Williams schreef:

    This song is good I love it

  2. Taliyah W schreef:

    Lit great song.u always got lyrics on point.

  3. Yesss boo boo keep doing your thang❤???

  4. Emoni Johnson schreef:

    i freaking love this song

  5. shanequee joseph schreef:

    Omg Lucas Coly ur voice is so lit……he could get a nigga turned on so quickly

  6. I'm glad u made this video coz I couldn't find the whole song

  7. iNiecyLovesYou schreef:

    Back at it again with the ? ass lyric videos. I've been busy with life and my second channel which is why I've been absent on here BUUUUUUUT Imma try to be more active on here yall. Jacquees' debut album is supposed to be coming out next month so pls believe I'll have lyrics for it uploaded if you guys are interested or whateva. Until then leave me some requests for your favorite songs out right now ?

  8. Sheron Davis schreef:

    Great job on the lyrics. Shit lit??

  9. Chrisplays schreef:


  10. Salmaan Rahman schreef:

    Aye Yo we going dumb stupid out here we outcha Ju Hurd #Coly coming up ?

  11. Lowkey Shawty schreef:

    I'm French And I love English …So I thanks Niecy for all she do to make Lucas More Popular ?❤ I wait for his blow up …? sorry for mistakes if I make..

  12. KT No schreef:

    Thanks Niecy! ❤❤❤?

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