Lyrics: Ar’mon & Trey – Drown

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Lyrics: Ar’mon & Trey – Drown

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28 thoughts on “Lyrics: Ar’mon & Trey – Drown

  1. What app did you use to make this?

  2. Shanquel Burch schreef:

    I Know This Has Nothing 2 Do With The Video BUT !! . its My 20th Birthday… Can i Get 20 Likes ?

  3. Dyamond Necole schreef:

    Fav part "drowning swimming soaking in it"??

  4. braskas pretty schreef:

    ? who singing what part ?

  5. Amyy Nguyenn schreef:

    They need to make a video of
    This song ❤️

  6. Nya Jones schreef:

    Y'all and queen should sing weekend together cause y'all ???

  7. Alondra Raines schreef:

    ***its girl don't make your bed up ?

  8. Angel ALLURE schreef:

    First part is trey & then BOTH are chorus & armon is 2nd part

  9. Oriana Garrett schreef:

    I love this…………..yaaas

  10. Tori Jackson schreef:

    Reading these lyrics and I just realized how sexual this song is lol??

  11. Ashley Wesley schreef:

    I love dat nasty shit?congrats yall keep doin it

  12. Johnnay Hippy schreef:

    Dang I didn't know he said blow the whistle ? didn't know what he said tbh


    Edit:Yes imma dude and?

  14. Toodieee Bugg schreef:

    Armon&Trey- Lit nice voices and the best lyrics of all.

  15. Iyanla Adams schreef:

    Yo I love this song so much I'm obsessed with it I listen to the song everyday bro I freaking love this song ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Kelly Carroll schreef:

    I love this song sing so much i want sing with you guy i live dallas Texas add me on facebook kelley carroll

  17. Ananias Smith schreef:

    Are y'all making an official video

  18. Ariana Brooks schreef:

    Girl, I'll make your bed up we gon' mess up them covers

  19. Sharelle Roberts schreef:

    I love you little me suck u off ??????????????????????? suck that dick then choke

  20. Shan Shan Tv schreef:

    ?When you know whose singing each part✨✨??

  21. Jordyn TV schreef:

    I want to loose my virginity to this song

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