Mac Miller and Ariana Grande – The Way (One Love Manchester)

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Mac Miller and Ariana Grande perform The Way at One Love Manchester.

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31 thoughts on “Mac Miller and Ariana Grande – The Way (One Love Manchester)

  1. Aysha Butt schreef:

    this is actually so adorable

  2. Isaac Orr schreef:

    Makes me so happy you can hear the Ariana stans singing as loud as they can in this one

  3. Isabel Zomerdijk schreef:

    This two are making all my sad days so much better <3

  4. myaccount schreef:

    Not trying to sound ignorant or mean but she can do much better than him. Also not saying he's not a good person or anything but he just looks stoned all the time and very insecure, in comparison to her.

  5. Antonia xx schreef:

    This show is how I became an arianator ????

  6. Hello Vanessa schreef:

    Aww the way they look at each other is soo cute!

  7. champagne mami schreef:

    they're perfect together

  8. Well done Ariana grande, you were really I wasnt expecting so much of a croud when i was there #SupportManchester

  9. ilove FRIENDS schreef:

    What does she say at the end after "Make some noise for Mac Miller"????? They're soooo cute together ❤❤❤❤

  10. diane moreaux schreef:

    I love manchester i love ariana grande

  11. How can u dislike when she did this for a good reason

  12. I Love this song and love her so much

  13. Elaine Mikely schreef:

    A Ariana é simplesmente incrível!

  14. Davey Numz schreef:

    Hahaha Ariana Grande was born a male everybody knows that. Only brainwashed sheep follow this tranny

  15. Em Mii schreef:

    2:35 I love this woman on the leeeeeft!

  16. Stephen Sparham schreef:

    This is perfect.. <3 Manchester <3 <3 My mum has 3 month to live: Terminal Cancer (She won't see Christmas Docs Said) and i was hoping people may be able to help. Would be appreciated: thank you <3

  17. Madison Avila schreef:

    to be honest i never liked mac miller but after seeing how happy he makes ariana and how her face lights up when he came in he’s one of my favorite male artists. Love you Ari

  18. SpiralFool2055 schreef:

    0:36 it says hi Jayden and Emily in ward 78 royal Manchester children's hospital

  19. Fay M schreef:

    she really doesn’t hide the way she’s feels when he’s next to her, she looks and sounds so happy. it lights up my world to see her like that ?

  20. Hazel chavez schreef:


  21. hxmblé schreef:

    its sad that we can't really hear mac miller since he always has his microphone literally shoved down his throat.

  22. This song makes me cry. Their love is so strong. I love Ariana sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!???

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