MALICE MIZER – Gardenia Full PV (Restored HD 1080p + lyrics & instrumental)

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februari 25, 2017
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Hello there everyone, here is the PV or MV for Gardenia by MALICE MIZER, in 1080p HD quality. Since the PV was never released on DVD, we only have a crappy quality version available on the internet. I did everything I could to digitally remaster the crappy version, so, it isn’t a DVD rip, it’s an upscale, but a very very good upscale. (Read description for more information.)

Gardenia is one amazing, amazing song, this completely defines MALICE MIZER. It’s got an up-beat tempo, it sounds a little bit happy, but is full of melancholy, it contains the usual classical influences, here, the strings, it’s got the gothic influences, the organ, it’s got rock influences, and of course, a powerful, well-crafted singing melody, sung by Klaha’s beautiful voice. And the music video has got a lot of beauty in it, the flower and doll, the costumes, the colours, the make-up, and so on. The only thing that is missing from the typical MALICE MIZER sound in this song would be the “twin guitars”, but you can’t do everything in one song, huh. This song was also a huge refreshment, coming right after all the darkness of Bara no Seidou. This song promised a new era, but sadly, the band disbanded the same year. I’m happy they left us with these three last singles, because they’re certainly some of the best songs of the band.
Gardenia is also my personal favourite song of the band.

As said before, the Gardenia PV was never released on a DVD, but it was initially planned to release it on a DVD, called Gardenia ~de l’image~, alongside the Beast of Blood PV DVD. And it suddenly got cancelled, without any explanation, while the Beast of Blood DVD got released. On the Cardinal DVD, they have a live version mixed with some imagery, but it is clear the production quality and decoration are different in Cardinal, that means they reshot it. There is only one explanation: They lost the original files. Probably a computer crash. It’s really sad, there was probably also some fantastic “making of” footage lost.

This PV was recorded from a TV-interview called “Music chat”, we all owe the person who decided to record his TV many thanks, because without him we wouldn’t even have a bad quality version. Also, the TV version of the PV is shortened to about 3:44 minutes, while the original song is 5:14.

As you can see, the PV is the length of the original song, why is that? Because I mixed the TV PV with the recreated PV from Cardinal (that was mixed with a live version, look below for a link), and with the commercial of Gardenia from Bara no denshou (that was HD, but only a few seconds, but I managed to put it in).

Live Gardenia from Cardinal:
Gardenia commercial from Bara no denshou:
Gardenia interview:

I hope you enjoy it! I want a lot of people to see this edit, the world of MALICE MIZER needs a good Gardenia, after many years of 240p and no full PV. I usually don’t ask this, but please hit that like button, comment, even if it’s just a “thanks”, share it with your MM friends, or just watch it a second time, every little click will help get this more popular.

Lyrics (Kanji, romaji and translation by Arachne Alice (Lara) from ):
Kanji, Romaji and English translation lyrics here:

Update 27/02/2017: Subtitles added in kanji, romaji and english translation as video caption. Be sure to comment if something is wrong with it, like a weird timing or something.

Download the whole single there, containing the instrumental track.

Song Name: Gardenia
Artist (Japanese): マリスミゼル
Album (Single): Gardenia
Release date: May 30, 2001
Catalog Number: MMCD-19
Label: Midi:Nette

Vocals: Klaha
Guitar: Mana
Guitar: Közi
Bass: Yu~Ki
Eternal Blood Relative: Kami
Drums: Shue (Support member)