Mapei – Change (Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video for ‘Change’ from Mapei’s ‘Hey Hey’ album.
Buy ‘Hey Hey,’ Mapei’s debut album, in the US:
Purchase “Change:”

Video by Philippe Grenade & Jarret Egan of Fortune Films

© Downtown Records & Columbia UK



31 thoughts on “Mapei – Change (Lyric Video)

  1. david rojas schreef:

    nike hipervenom liquid diamond

  2. I AM YOU schreef:

    this is so catchy and so familiar…

  3. Teresa Alvz schreef:

    This song is great! Awesome!

  4. Hillary Bermuneh schreef:

    muito boa to amando mapei serio ela eh otima brazil hey hey

  5. resol1992 schreef:

    Am I wrong to say she sounds a little like Kimberly Locke?

  6. that skinhead girl at 3:54 is from Orange Is The New Black? Shes so beautiful

  7. Pablo Batista schreef:

    Where is the Netflix's video that have this song?

  8. Felipe Sousa schreef:

    great song. beautiful lyrics

  9. KK7Studio schreef:

    Zlatan Docomentery ?

  10. rai almeida schreef:

    Brazil loves u❤
    best music❤

  11. Irene Echenique schreef:

    Nothing better than a lyric video, that happens to make a live portrait of lives that matter…

  12. Night Sunflower schreef:

    Why she isn't on the top charts?

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