Metallica – Nothing else matter lyrics

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  1. Here is the key
    "The fact that the book was a tragic one did not make me unhappy since I believed that life is tragedy and knew it could only have one end. But finding you were able to make something up; to create truly enough so that it made you happy to read it; and to do this every day you worked was something that gave a greater pleasure than any I had ever known.
    Beside it nothing else mattered."
    Hemingway , intro to A Farewell to Arms

  2. I kissed my crush for the first and only time the night I heard this song also for the first time and I cried a lot without hearing or putting attention to the lyrics, the melody just got me. Three weeks later (today) I was curious so I looked for the lyrics and damn, this song speaks to me on a spiritual level. It's so cool that a song can make you feel the exact thing it's trying to transmit even if you don't put attention to the lyrics or if you speak another language.

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