21 thoughts on “Nazareth – Love Hurts Lyrics

  1. Cat Skatematch schreef:

    This comment section is cancerous.

  2. MrDoc73 schreef:

    Ok it's in G what is the rest? Thanks

  3. Ruben Ayala schreef:

    this song is real rock!!! i grew up with old school but i must admit this jam is fucken nice…i think everyone of us has been threw heart breaks…

  4. This always reminds me of lil Michael Myers ?❤?

  5. 1035BOYZ schreef:

    WhatdoUmean a legendäry Song…and so true!!!

  6. Malik Holmes schreef:

    I'm black, I'm hood, I'm in love with this song!!

  7. FuzzyKarma schreef:

    The Queen of Hearts will get you every-time.

  8. Sonia Rosli schreef:

    This song makes me think about my parent's marriage. Even though they are not together anymore, they have loved each other for a long time and have grown a lot together . The thing about love is, its complicated.

  9. Yair Diaz schreef:

    I really learned a lot

  10. Kyle Severe schreef:

    I get hurt slot for being to caring and truthful.but I'm done with love I get let down every time and made out to be the bad guy.i just want to leave this disgusting world behind

  11. Kyle Severe schreef:

    Love is seriously a joke.it is my enemy.im just gonna be a sexual

  12. Robert Reccy schreef:

    Halloween brought me here?

  13. Nekota Kittyface schreef:

    I played this song to my friend that got heartbroken today…

  14. David W. Cordle schreef:

    I recommend finding Gram Parsons and Emily Lou Harris "LOVE HURTS" 1973.

  15. Love hurts ouuuu ouuuu love hurts I love this song I think about this song everytime I think about my dad?

  16. Shitty Pigeon76 schreef:

    It's not only the heart that hurts, but also your hands, because of the many barre chords in it! 😀

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