Need for Speed Underground Soundtrack (GBA) – Jerk – Sucked In

Need for Speed Underground Soundtrack (GBA) – Jerk – Sucked In


You gotta give EA credit where it’s due. Alongside the fact that this game actually features fully rendered 3D graphics instead of using the infamous “Mode 7” technique seen in some SNES and GBA games to give off the illusion of 3D graphics, they also managed to squeeze in 4 full-length licensed songs in that cartridge. How many other GBA games out there was able to pull this off back in 2003?

Obviously because this is from the GBA version of the game, some people are gonna say it sounds like crap. But don’t judge…this right here is the pinnacle of what the GBA can do in terms of sound quality, something not many other developers for the handheld either didn’t want to do or was simply not capable of doing so.

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